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      I had unprotected sex with a guy a couple of days ago and ever since, I’ve felt a lot of stomach pain and have been very very tired. I also noticed that my breasts are a bit more tender when I’m walking around. Could I be pregnant? I don’t have enough money to go and get a test, and I’m scared of going to my campus Wellness center. Any advice as on what to do? Please help. I’m really scared.


        You could be pregnant, but if it was just a couple of days ago it’s not very likely that these symptoms are from pregnancy. Wait until your period is supposed to come, and if it doesn’t than you can think of how to get a test. But try not to worry, ok?


          hey im worried that im pregnant too but because u sed u only had sex a few days ago i dont think that the symptoms can come that quickly ..lyk im certainly no expert but dat sounds tooo soon..r u due on ur period soon cos sometimes i get those symptoms wen im due on? write bk x hope everything goes alryt x


            Hi! Im lisa. You could be pregnant, although it takes 6 to ten days for the egg to implant, which means even if you do take a test it wouldnt show up. I know this seems like forever away but you will probably need to wait a month before you can get an accurate result. Symptoms like tender breasts and fatigue dont really show until the egg is implanted if not later.


              Thanks for all the help :]
              and when i said “a couple of days ago” i meant saturday the 25th. i’m going to get a pregnancy test tomorrow to be on the safe side, plus another one if that one is negative and my period doesn’t come.


                dont worry im sure evrything will be fine. you’ll find out soon anyhow. you can buy those early pregnancy tests. first response.


                  I just found out im pregnant and im kinda scared even though i was trying. hope this feeling fades.


                    go to your local gp


                      Its too soon to tell if ur pregnant are not after having sex 4 days ago. When is ur next period due? Were u ovulating at the time u had sex? Those symptoms that u spoke of might just be signs that ur period is about to come. If ur not pregnant please take this as a warning and be careful next time around


                        aaam… why again are you going to buy hpt tommoro if you had sex on he 25t?
                        a hpt will show you if you are ornot, like a day or so before your period is due, t for sure, after our perio i lte..
                        you cant just test 5 days after having sex? where’s the point here?
                        wait till your period is late-if it is, and then do it.


                          Actually, on the contrary pregnancy symptoms can very well happen just a few days after conception, though they are subtle. You really can’t be sure until you miss your period and take a HPT or blood test. Until then, don’t do anything harmful and DO NOT stress yourself out! That can cause delays and a false pregnancy.


                            Thanks. I’ll consider that brand :]
                            And I think I may be pregnant, because my period is due Saturday, but I’m not feeling any of my usual pre-period symptoms such as bad cramps or stomach ache (Well, I had a stomach ache today, but that’s cause I ate too much food at lunch, lol). But I’m going to stick to my guns and wait til next Thursday, when my period should be over if I get it Saturday. Thanks for all the help everyone!!!



                              [color=#000080]I really need help too!. Im only 15 and me and my one friend hooked up at a party, and its been 2 and a half weeks since, i was supposed to get my period 1 and a half week ago!.
                              Could i be pregnant????!! HELP! PLEASE!!.. I cant tell my parents, they would kill me, they are soo over-protective!. And i dont want to ask my counsellor for help.[/color]


                                xstarr- yes you could very well be pregnant !
                                missing your period is one of the first/common
                                signs of pregnancy. if you think you are the only way is to
                                take a test – better ind out now that later!!!!!
                                `~god bless~


                                  I think it is too soon to tell. Wait till your missed period and take a test. However there is a lot to be learned from a scare like this. Best of luck. Jessica

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