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      I’m an 18 year old college freshie and have been with my boyfriend (who i love and have talked to about marriage) for 11 months now. We’ve been having sex for a while and in April my mom had me start takng the pill, I did pretty good with it..until August when I went away to school (4 ours from home).

      I still took them every day or every other dat at lease, but it was ok. My bf comes to visit me like every weekend and when he does we usually have sex. Well last month was tough, we had a big fight and things were tense for a while and I was fed up with school and hating (still hating actually) my school and thinking of transfering and trying to convince my parents..lots of stuff.

      So for that whole month I kinda didnt care about anything at all and forgot to take my pills…all month. in that time my bf still came up on the weekend and we had sex. i figured that since we had sex before when i wasnt on the pill yet, it would be ok. plus he told me his semen probably wasnt too potent since he masturbates alot (oh god im sorry, too much info). SO i didnt worry, it was far from my mind. but last week was my period week…or it was supposed to be.

      for the last year my period has been quite regualr give or take a day or two. then when i got on the pill it was even more regular so im worried becuase as of today…I’m 6 days late.

      I’ve also been urinating alot more than usual (altho i do urinate alot anyway..dont know why) and the last week or two I’ve been feeling extra tired and groggy no matter how much rest i get. I always feel so tired and my breasts are feeling kind of alot more sensitive than usual. I”m really worried. my parents would totally flip if I was pregnant, and i cant stand to have them disappointed…I’d never forgive myself…they expect so much..such greatness from me and being pregnant would ruin me in there eyes. plus me and my bf are still in school, he lives with his parents (altho he has a job but doesnt make enough to support himself…he’s 23 btw).

      I havent told him yet…or anyone. I’m afraid to take a test tho. I dont have a car so i cant go find a clinic near here…plus im still so new to the area, and im afraid. no one knows. I want to tell my bf but I’m afraid he’ll get mad since he’s always telling me i should get an IUD because im so forgetful… although we talked before and he says he’s be there for me and that it’d be ok if i ever got pregnant and that we’d raise the baby together because he loved me and all. uggh.. I dont know. could I be pregnant? what should I do? should i tell him now…this weekend? or not til I get a test done?

      sorry it was so long..:blush:


        if your college has a student health center, you should be able to get a test done there. have you ever been 6 or more days late before? it could be simply that you stopped taking the pills. my roommate stopped her pills for like 2 months and her period skipped and didnt start until she started the new pack.. she wasnt prego cuz she was tested.


          Hey honey, take a deep breath. First, I would get a test done. Just to let you know, sometimes it takes a couple of weekes or more before you get a true result. I have 4 kids, and it took me around 3 weeks to show up pregnant with home tests.

          If you are pregnant, then you have a beautiful baby boy or girl growing inside of you. Being a mom can be scary, but it is also full of joys. I think part of the reason God gives us 9mon is so that we can be more prepared, and let the whole concept of motherhood sink in.

          If your parents won’t support you, than find a network of people who will. Although I am new to the site, this seems like a wonderful place to find that support and encouragement. Your parents can get over their disappointment, but if you have a baby, it only has one life to live.

          Here is a big hug, and let us know how everything goes.

          Love, Cora


            Yeah, Cora is right… Get a home pregnancy test and take it first thing in the morning if you can’t get a blood test. Try not to stress about it, because that in and of itself could cause your symptoms.
            Wow, Cora had some good advice… just like she said, if you do find out that you are pregnant find people (maybe through crisis pregnancy, or through this site or whatever) that will support you.
            I hope everything works out for you, and please keep us updated, ok?

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