i may be pregnant and my parents would kill me

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      Ok so my boyfriend is 19 and i’m only 17 and he just cannot wait to have children which is a major shock of the teenage male gender. But see he grew up in a different enviroment than me and his family wouldn’t have a care in the world if i had a baby; they would be thrilled. But then it comes to mine… My parents are first- born rule followers and wants me to go to college and be able to support a child and BE MARRIED before i have one. But me might being pregnant now… I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! does anyone have any advice for me on how i should approach my parents about this if i am??? Please Help Me.


        Telling your parents is a VERY scary step in all of this! Are they aware of the fact that you have been having a sexual relationship? This was my parents biggest hurt, they didn’t even know I was having sex so to hear it all at once is what really shocked them the most! I would suggest going to a pregnancy center and getting a "good" test. I have heard of many home tests coming back positive only to find the proffessional test to be negative. I see it as God’s way of "getting you help". Kind of a wake up call! If you are not pregnant, please protect yourself! There is so much you still have to do before you have children, but if you are pregnant, get to a doctor, start your care as early as possible and continue counseling, IT IS FREE!!! We have a center here that helps you purchase clothing, diapers etc… through watching video’s, talkig etc. You can also take your parents to this center and tell them with someone else present! This may ease some of the tension you have and also give them support that they will need! This situation does NOT only involve you, but them also! They will not KILL you, they will be disappointed in you YES, that is unavoidable, but baby’s are a blessing, no matter where they come from or when! Good luck and I will pray for you! In the meantime, seek a friend (councelor) and seek God, he will walk with you through your difficult times!


          Before you go running off to your parents you should take a test first. Then decide what to do from there.


            on the side of this page there is an icon for crisis pregnancy help line, if you click on it it will bring you to a page that has advice on how to tell your parents. keep my posted!


              I can tell you from experience it will be best if you tell them. When I was 15 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I was so scared and didn’t know what to do or how to tell them. Well I told a family member, Keep in mind I asked them not to say anything. Well the first thing they did was tell my mom while she was at work. I had only known for about a week when they told my mom I was pregnant. My mom was extreamly disappointed in me for not telling her I was pregnant. If I could go back and do it over again the only thing I would change is that I would have been the one to tell my mom and dad not another family member.
              The hardest thing in life as a child is to disappoint your parents or let them down. If you are pregnant tell them. Don’t wait. I am now 23, married, and have 3 children. If one of my girls gets pregnant at a young age the only thing I would want is for them to come to me. I wont be happy about it. I want them to have a great life and go to college but I know things can happen. So please tell your parents. The worst is they will be upset and think you were not responsible. They will come around in time. If you need anyone to talk to anyone I am here. I have been where you are. Remember what doesn’t kill you only makes you a stronger women in the end.


                I agree tell them they will be disappointed you had sex but glad you told them.

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