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      My lasr period started april 1 than i had sex on april 16. About a week later i felt under the weather. It started off with headacks, than i was using the restroom alot, started eating more than i should have, i started running a little of a fever, i started to have cramps real bad, than 2 days ago i started bleeding. I took 4 hpt and they all said neg. Im going to the doc thurseday to find out for sure. Im 18 i have a very good job. my bf is 22 he also has a job that he loves. my mother knows that i may be pregnant and she said that if i am that she will be there for me. so i know that if i am pregnant ill know that they all will be there for me. do you think i may be pregnant? :kiss:


        Hello, my name is Shaunee’. I just wnat to know are you still bleeding now , or was it just for 2 days?


          🙂 hi, well my name is stacy and in the beggining of april i beileve i had sex and then i should have had my period at the end of april, i was like 8 days late and i only barely bled, i took four home p-tests and they all said no, but im not sure that they are right or not. i was light bleeding from thursday till like sunday and im still like a lil blood there. im only 16 and dont really know what to do. i have no way to go to the doctor without telling my mom. but i figured since all the tests said no and i started that im not. i always have to pee and am sick to my tummy a lot. i dunno if u turn out to be let me know cuz maybe my p-tests lied too.


            You may be but if you took the home pregnancy tests and they all said no then probibly not. But you know, all peoples bodys are differant and a home one may not be enough to tell


              I hate to say it, but it sounds like you may be having a miscarraige. I dont know everything about them, but when you go to the doc, your hormone levels will should still be up, so you should know for sure… It could just be some spotting, but combined with cramps and a fever… I am not an expert, and pray that my initial response to this is incorrect. Best of luck at the doctors!


                im sixteen years old and think i might be pregnant by my ex-boyfriend. I feel sick in the mornings and some smells that have never bothered me now make me sick to my stomach. i am gaining weight like crazy and i have a knot in my stomach. that wont go away. Do you think that i should go to the docter?


                  YES!! Get to the doctor it sounds like you need to.
                  Best of luck,



                    I am 19 and i had sex then after a week i felt like i am pregnant, the thing is i’m affraid to tell my mom because she was trusting me and i feel as i can kill my self rather than doing arbotion. My boyfriend he is 21 and working the problem for me is i’m at college and i will end up next year on january. The other thing is when i tell my boyfriend about it he said we haave to go and do p-tests, then when i ask him if he is ready for it he is just fine but he know how my parent srict they are and he also afraid

                    Please help i don’t know what to do the only thing is i rather kill my self!!!


                      Please advise on what are the causes of miscarrage?!!
                      I’m 15 and i want to know if im doing well i dont want to loose my baby. Me and my boyfriend we will get married after the birth of ou new born


                        Hi please advice me about the easy causes of miscarrage?!!


                          hi i am 21 yrs old and i am experiancing early pergnancy stuff my nipples stand out change of colour it has been like that for while now my nipples are sensitive to touch, if my husband sqezzed my breasts and it was a bit sore my husband is experiancing morning sickness morning or night,i feel some days i feel tried i go to toliet often when i went to work i went to the toliet and after i just been to the loo i needed to go to the loo again what is happening to me?and my last period was the 3rd of sept that was the date my last perod ended, and my period was due this month on the 19th of sept it has been a week since the due date, am i pregnant? i know home p tests are not 100% to tell you if you are pregnant or not.


                            hi i was just wondering if any of you could help me?
                            i was due on my period 4 days ago. since then my breats have become very tender and sore and the veins in them increasingly visible. i feel tired and sluggish all the time.
                            i did a test today but it came out negative. have i taken the test too early do you think ?
                            my period is always regular and on time.


                              i do think you have taken the test to earlie, i have been reading up on it lately, because i am three weeks late, and have not had a test yet ( i am doing it tomorow because it is my boyfriends birthday and i think it would be a great present), but i have read that if the outsides of the nippels have gone darker and your veins are noticeable, that could be a sign. I think you should wait a bit longer to take the test and maybe do two just to make sure.
                              GOOD LUCK and let me know how you go….:)


                                yes you need to go to the doctor, just to see what is wrong.


                                  i know that you may be terrified, but killing yourself is not gonna make the matter any better. if you are pregnant, yeah your parents will be dissappointed at you but eventually they’ll get over it because now all they can do is just love and give you the support that you need. because there’s nothing they can do if you pregnant.

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