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      I don’t know what to do, this would be my 5th abortion in 5yrs!! We are so fertile! He says now isn’t a good time. But I don’t want to have another abortion!! He’ll never understand what it feels like to have someone growing in your body every day. I want to keep it, but I don’t have health insurance right now and I’m also in between jobs!!! AGAGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Don’t let him decide for you! It doesn’t matter if now is not a good time. You can overcome the odds!


          Babies arn’t something you shun away because it’s not a good time. I am not for or against abortion but in your case I think it’s time to take some responsibility for your actions. You and your bf created this child now be the adults you were being when you had sex. You can be a good mom that provides for her child you just have to give yourself the chance. I myself had an abortion and was scared that I would not be able to have more kids and you are really playing with those odds. Start using protection if you don’t want to continue going thru this. I really do wish you the best of luck no matter what you decide to do. Jessica


            Its not the babies fault it wasn’t conceived at an appropriate time. And do not let someone else make a decision that huge for you. And abortions are very risky. I know someone who has had four abortions and she cant have kids anymore because of it. Having that many abortions is sad, but whats even more sad is that shes only seventeen. Being infertile is a very likely consequence. Then its not going to matter if the time is “appropriate” or not. He wont ever be able to have a baby with you. I agree with jessey223. Take responsibility. Abortion is not a form of birth control. If you guys were ready for sex then you were ready for a baby. Everyone knows having sex can easily lead to having a baby. I hope i dont sound rude, but i really believe that child deserves to have a life. I hope you do the right thing. Good luck.


              wow.. look girl, it is YOUR body, and its YOU where the new life is growing..and it is growing fast…you should go on the internet and look up how your BABY looks right now..
              gosh, don’t let the boy make decisions of whom YOU will suffer the moste..
              you are in a bad situation, but in the end everything settles up…
              there are ups and downs in life, and after every down there comes an up…
              please let YOUR BABY live.. let him see the sky,the sun,let him decide what will be his favourite flavour of icecream..
              and let him be your baby.
              keep us updated on what you decide,
              and please know… YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO IT!!


                i reckon its time for you two to take responsibility for this baby, 5 abortions in 5 years…thats not good.
                if you dont think you can handle another abortion, dont do it! its your body, your boyfriend, like you said, has no idea first hand what its like to have a baby growing inside of you, who cares if its not the ‘right time’ for him. dont let him make decisions for you! its your life, your body, your choice. do what YOU want to do, but from hearing your story, i reckon its time to stand up and give this baby life, its not his/her fault that it was concieved, give it a chance and talk to your boyfriend about it, whatever you do, we will all be here behind you


                  I also happen to agree with jessey223, you really do need to Stand Up!! You do not have to abort this baby, you can and will make it and do just fine, with or without your boyfriend. You are right, he will NEVER know what it is like to carry a child in his body and be “forced” to end that child’s life, it is as bad as if one of his friends said, “your girlfriend is holding you back in life, why not just kill her and she will no longer be a problem” If you truly feel that this baby is going to cause a problem or hold you back or that you will not be able to provide then you need to consider adoption, this child has every right to life….do not fear your boyfriend, he can do nothing to you, if he doesn’t want the baby then fine, leave him in the dust and start over with just you and baby….I do have a slightly different suggestion than jessey223 though, rather than using “birth control” why not just refrain from sex? I mean why wold you want to continue to have sex with a guy who wants you to kill your 5th child? He has already convinced you to end the life of the first 4, sex is not the most important part of a relationship, commitment, respect, and trust are the most important aspects if you ask me and I could never again give myself to someone who did not respect me, make a commitment or trust with my well being. Your boyfriend has no respect for you or your body or your physical or mental state, asking for this abortion proves that, he cannot commit to following through with choices, he chose to have sex and wants to back out of the consequences, will he back out on you too? Can you trust that he will stay by your side if he cannot commit or respect? You need to ditch the boyfriend and take some time for just you, find out what you want in the person that you will marry one day, will he respect your body, will you trust his decision making, will he commit to you without having sex first? A good way to know is by putting him to that test, keep this baby or choose adoption but do not make your baby pay the price for the two of you being irresponsible, please….there are so many helps and supports systems out there for unwed and young moms, I took advantage of those helps for a time, I was a single unwed mom for 4 1/2 years, I made it!! I do not regret keeping my kids, their dads took off and left me to shoulder all of the consequences and I never even got child support until after I was married and no longer needed it so desperately but I made it and you can too….please just take it slow and easy and do not make any more decisions on emotions or fear…Love Meg


                    Thanks guys for all your support. I greatly appreciate it. I never told him I’d have the abortion this time. He isn’t happy, but I just won’t do it again. This would be my second child. The other abortions were after her, she is from my first marriage. You girls are all alot younger than me I’m sure, but it is still a hard decision no matter your ages. Thanks again…


                      I prod you for making that choice. 🙂 It’ll all work out!

                      (And yes, I am quite younger than you…)


                        Wow. I just wanted to say good job to all the women in here! You guys are doing great in being supportive of other members! There is no other community like this, awesome.

                        Okay and here’s what I want to advise to ya rojo75. . .

                        Keep your baby! 🙂

                        Even though you have one already, maybe someone upstairs is trying to tell you that having a second in your life will make you even happier! If your boyfriend wants nothing to do with the child and leaves, I’m willing to put money on it that you could make it! If you don’t think you can financially, there are state programs for single mothers, they can help.

                        Don’t let him talk you into having an abortion. It’s your body – it’s your life. Men won’t ever understand what it is really like to have another life inside of you. Do not let him talk you in or out of anything.

                        Adoption is an option- there are plenty of couples who want children desperately but can not have them. If you two can not support a second child, adoption is an option 😀

                        Best of luck and stay strong! We’re here to support you on your decisions. Please keep us posted, dear.


                          I am very glad to hear that. Best of luck and stick your ground. Jessica


                            It is so sad for me to read that you have had 5 abortion, i would love to have a baby but ja it’s not comeing my way. If you feel you can not bring your child up give this baby a life give it to somebody that would love it like their own. It’s a big choice you must make to abort a baby please think before you do it again. I know it can not be easy but they say nothing comes your way that you can not handle. So please think about it, if you feel you can not bring your child up dont just stop that child of living.


                              As far as not having health insurance, there are ways around that. If you stop into a bookshop or library, skim through the beginning of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ until you find a little section about programs to help uninsured pregnant women. Contact these organizations and get qualified for financial help. Good luck.

                              ive queen

                                omg you should not care wut he says as long as you are happy and think that you are doing the right thing keep it. if he has been telling u that for 5 years wut makes you think hee will ever think it is the right time????:dry:

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