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    ava cameron

      Hi girls!!! okay quick question:

      this month I only had my period for one day this month…i am not stressed..havent been working out unusually hard lol and im not on birthcontrol..this is NOT normal for me i always have regular periods! ALWAYS im 23 and my whole life i have one every month its like clockwork…HELP!!! do you think im pregnant??? and has this ever happened to anyone??? also..just out of curiosity how many girls have gotten pregnant on the pull out method(nothing else)??? thanks girls you guys rock!


        one day period… was it regular bleeding or was it light?

        ava cameron

          seemed regular at first but then light.


            when i was pregnant, about 3 or 4 days after my period was due i bleed for like an hour but then it stopped completely


              I had that when i was preg with my first. Implantation bleeding. I thought it was my period and only lasted 3 days. do a test and let us know how u went.

              ava cameron

                ok so that one day period was on the 26th of april and it is now the 2nd of may i did a test tonight and it said negative…hmmmm so i dont know…i’ve been peeing like a zillion times a day and have been super nauseous!!! so maybe its all in my head i dont know….but im going to test again the a.m for the first morning’s urine and see….how long till you got a positve after your so called period? thanks

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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