i just wanna go home!

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      I moved to new jersey to be with my bf!…i found out i was pregnant and stayed here in new jersey…i missed my family like crazy and i thoaght that wen the baby comes i woulnt feel as lonely…well my daughter is 5 months old now and im still living here..i tell my bf i want to go home so bad and he seems to ignore me!…im stressed out all the time!…i have no one to talk to…i dont even know anybody over here…sometimes i feel like i dont want to be with him and i just want to go home with my daughter…and thats it!…what should i do??…should i go see a doctor for some depression pills or something?…or should i just go home?


        If you are not married to him and you feel like you are in a bad situation go to your family….you are not married so its not like you are divorcing him …that would be bad….you should go home and let your family help you get settled…if this is the right guy for you then he will follow but dont have sex agan until marriage to test him…you need to provide for the safety, well being, and happieness of your daughter and if your family is willing to help you provide that then jump on it and let them help you….Love and Prayers..Meg

        ladii m

          your home sick and you have every right to want to go home and if he’s a good man then he will support your choice 100% and if not then forget him it’ll be his lost. the only thing that matters is you and your daughter put her first. she should always come first because what happens between the two of you she will always be there. i think you should go home because if not you’ll just become more and more depressed and yes you should talk to your doctor because you may be developing post-partum depression. i wish you the best:)


            Aww, I am sorry! I could understand how you feel cause I love my family and get home sick if I am gone for just a day!! If I were in your shoes…I would go home! It sounds like you dont even want to be there, and girl if that is the way you feel I say do what you want and take your baby girl and leave! You dont wanna be in a place where you feel unhappy or anything… Even if your bf tries to talk you out of it, you just stick up for your rights, guys shouldnt have no control over a woman…not even if he is the dad of your baby. If he wants to be with you so bad, how come he just dont move to your home? Sorry, but that is the way I see it! I hope you make the choice that makes you happy!! Good luck!!


              Did you go there with the boyfriend thinking you two would be each other’s be all-end all? If so, this would cause a problem for you no matter where you lived. You need people in your life besides just your boyfriend. If you generally like where you’re living and the environment would be good for your daughter, i.e. schools, weather, good doctors, etc. then maybe you just need to get out and make some friends. You might be the type to enjoy working rather than staying home. Take some classes, join some mommy groups, a church, etc. Maybe you’re lonely in general. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor, but if loneliness is the problem, pills won’t help. You should think about if it’s your family you miss, the familiarity of where you lived, or do you need an outlet aside from your life with boyfriend? Guys tend to be oblivious about such things, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d ignore you. :dry:


                i know how you feel but i’m still preg, i moved to NewMexico with my husband (recently married) and i only know my in-laws here and all my friends are back in Wyoming, so i only have them here…i miss my friends so much….if u think that ur thoughts are not normal for u then go see a doc, if they seem normal for u then go see a doc…


                  Depression Pills will not help! I moved to a different city with my boyfriend of two years. I thought we would get through everything fine.

                  After about 7 months I really just wanted to move back home to my family. We were fighting all the time and we broke up on and off multiple times. I was on depression pills when I moved up here and they never helped the situation at all. They do not fix the problems, They just help you deal with them better. And even that is only sometimes.

                  Needless to say, I got off them and moved back home. I stayed home for about 3 months while me and the boyfriend worked things out. Now, I’m back up in Buffalo with him and I’m happy. 😆 No pills for me.

                  I’m not totally against depression pills but they should only go to people who are really depressed, not just living in depressed situations.

                  –Kori Lyn
                  ~Infertile at age 20-


                    you could just go home or you could tough it out and try and make some friends, join a moms group maybe being less lonely you would feel better. no i dont think pills is going to help.

                    i joined a moms group in my area through meetup.com mets some really nice lady’s and now see them pretty regularly and my daughter has kids to play with while i have some mommy time.


                      both its normal 2 feel that way but it could be sumthin more serious like depression

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