i just turned 16 and im pregnant

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      I just turned 16 and i found out im pregnant last week,maybe closer to two weeks ago. i havent really told my mom because i am so scared of what she is going to think or even think of me anymore?? ): Not to mention it was an accident! Im seven and a half weeks pregnant,what should I do?


        well you have to make one of the hardest decisions of ur young life, abortion, adoption, or parenting. i recomend you research each option thoroughly and don’t let anyone make YOUR decision for YOU. your the one who has to live with it. when considering abortion, remember the mental and psychial side effects. with adoption remember there is open adoption but even with that some can’t bare to leave their child, but its also giving your child the best opportunity you can in most cases. and with parenting remember it’s not an easy task especialy without support but can be verry rewarding.


          I found out I was pregnant at 17 now I’m 18 and have a beautiful baby boy who is 5 months old now and everytime I see his cute little face I know I made the right choice of keeping him.He has brought sunshine into my life. As for your mom she will come around..


            Hello i read your little story and i’ve been where you are. I am 5 months pregnant and i barely found out a month ago. i was terrified to tell my mom to becuase i knew she warned me about this and i didnt listen. I even thought of getting an abortion because i was terrified of telling her. Well let me tell you that isn’t the answer. Just sit your mom down and talk to her. And i’m pretty sure your mom will still support you, sure she will be mad but that’s how all parents are. Just tell her and the hard part will be over because once i told my mom, everything turned out okay and now im going to be expecting a little girl soon 🙂 I hope you do the right thing


              The other reply’s are great! I got pregnant at 16, and thought everything was going to be fine. Now, I love my daughter and I wouldn’t change her for the world, but I do think that if I had the chance to wait, and finish with school, and go on to college I would have. Research everything, talk to a counselor, or a trusted adult. I talked to my sister, who was a teen mother herself.



                Heyy,You should jsut sit down and talk to yourmom about it. I’m pregnant, I’m 13, and my parents are fine. I always thought they would flip out but I told them fast just so i could get prenatal care and my mom pretty much expected it…They aren’t happy at first just really disapointed and they may seem sad throughout the whole pregnancy but when she sees her grandchilds face she will be exstatic!!! lol. So just tell her…whats done is done and you can’t change it now right?


                  the best thing to do is just tell your parents calmy and tell them your thoughts. they may say things you wont expect but its better them knowing sooner so they can support you. i got pregnant at 14 and had an abortion because i couldnt tell my mum and i regret it for rerst of my life so talk to your parents and make the right choice for you not for antyone else


                    [b][i]Karista is right they will come around easier said then done though i am also 13 and i think i am pregnant i havnt talked to my parents yet the only reason for that is i want to know before i worry my parents.

                    Maria and baby Isabella

                      theres so many thinggs you neeedf ot think about like are you personally ready for a baby i rember it happerening to me at first your parents will go crazy but with this they will ahve to learn .. that its what you chosse is what is important xx


                        uhmm ..yeah .. you are right


                          Do your research, and do what you think is right. What ever decision you make will change your life. Just know that even tho the baby is tiny, it is still a baby with a heartbeat.

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