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      In 3 months time I’ve had 2 ovarian cysts rupture. I have the cysts that are filled with blood and keep bleeding when they rupture. Both times I’ve had to stay over night in the hospital in case they had to do an emergency surgery. They are extreamly painful.
      Let me back up a bit…
      An ovarian cyst is caused by ovulating, everytime I make an egg, I get a cyst. Cysts can be removed but If you have too many they have to take your ovaries out completly.
      I have multiple cysts. On each ovarie.

      SO I went to my follow up appointment and my doctor said “If we dont put your ovaries to sleep, we have to take them out” MEANING I need to be put of birth control for the rest of my life untill I want children or start menopause.

      Birth control really messes with my body. I already have major migranes at least 4 times a week and birth control makes them last a few days at a time.. basically all week. I get lucky if I have a day without a migrane. My boobs get so sensitive I cant run or even let the water hit them in the shower. My face breaks out so bad that no product helps. Ive tried everything even tooth paste. Pretty much every side affect. ILL GET. It makes my life miserable. Ive tried 3 differnt pills, even the lowest dose of hormones stil make my body go wack-o. Ive tried depo, the patch and nuva ring.
      I have a new birth control that I havnt tried just sitting here. I am so scared to start it… I know I will miss work because of migranes and get let go because I cant make my shifts.
      Someday I want a family, I need my ovaries! but birth control makes me so miserable. I just dont know what to do. I’m so upset. I hate thinking I may not ever be able to have children. I love kids, I loved being a nanny.
      I hate knowing someday Im going to get married and never be able to start a family, I hate knowing that whoever I marry will feel like I cant give him everything. I just hate knowing I may not be able to expierence child birth or the joys of being a mother.


        Your So young Babygirl and Im so proud of you for thinking of your future!
        All You Can do Is get multiple opinions from different doctors!
        Keep hope and dont ever give up!
        Whats ment to be will be =)
        Anywoot Take Care of Yourself,
        Xo Xo C.


          Migraines are hell to go through. You are going through a lot just so that you will one day be able to have children. Don’t give up.
          Even if you eventually have to have your ovaries removed, you will be worth more than gold to the man you eventually get married to.


            That must be so hard! I really hope that it works out for you!


              My advice would be to stay positive. Start the birth control you have and see what happens but KEEP AN OPEN MIND. My best friend had a problem like yours and it went on for quite sometime. She has one little boy and every since she has these cysts. I know she had some kind of procedure done and they told her that if this did not work they were going to do a total hysterectomy. Don’t be afraid to go to a specialist and get a second opinion, there are options.

              Best of luck. Jessica


                Urgh i feel so sorry for you. I have been told i have Polycystic Ovaries and im trying to have another bub. Its not happening and gets me so upset.
                Drs tell me to go to OBS/Gynos which cost an arm and a leg.
                I too hate the ‘pill’ and it stuffs me up even more.
                Its a hard situation to be in.

                Definately TRY this new contraception that you have sitting there. You never know it might be good. Honestly id prefer to have migraines for the next few yrs than not have children. When you do have them, itll make them that extra special knowing what you went through to have them.

                Have you had the ovarian drilling?

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