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      Ok so im 16 years old and me and my bf have been having sex for about 3 months which, some of the time has been without a condom but im on the pill. Just recently i have been feeling quite ill and falling asleep ALOT (which i never do, i hate sleeping in or lazing around). Also been going to to the pee about 8 times during the day and even at night. Ive been really really emotional and have found myself cuddling my tummy. Weird cravings like bacon rashers and fruit, tons of fruit. I am really maternal anyway as there are 2 newish babies in my family but im concerned this could be more…

      ive taken 3 pregnancy tests at home all have come negative but i dont think they are right somehow. I was going to take another one in 4 days when i come on my period. should i go to my doctor?

      Another problem … my mum doesnt know weve had sex yet and we keep falling out how do i talk to her because im worried. I also secretly want this baby if im pregnant, is that wrong? HELP PLEASE


        It sounds like you have some of the symptoms of being pregnant, but you will only know with a pregnancy test. The best results are 5 days after a missed period. But you should go to http://www.optionline.org and you can get a free and confidential pregnancy test and also and medical attention you might need. The ladies are total cool and will walk you through all this and also help you with talking with your mom. Let me know how everything goes!


          Hi there! How are you doing? Yes, pregnancy tests can be wrong sometimes…they say to take them in the morning when you first get up. Do your boobs hurt? That is also a very common, quick sign. I don’t want to scare you, and I am sure you are aware that there is definitely the possibility of being pregnant. If you go to optionline.org you can find a pregnancy resource center near you that should give free and confidential help. Definitely if you think you are pregnant, going here or to your doctor is a good idea.

          Two more things, If you are pregnant, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT WRONG to WANT THE BABY! 🙂 Like you said, it’s your maternal instinct and God gave you that so you would love and protect a little life that on it’s own is defenseless. And I’m glad you have that desire before the baby is born. There is something in us that really wants to love this baby and care for it, and do not make decisions on fear or “your own best interest” or what will be “easiest”. Caving to that only brings more heartache later, so be a STANDUP GIRL :).

          Lastly, why are you worried to let your mom know about having sex? Would she be against it? I know if you were my baby girl, that I’d loved from before you were born, I’d want what is best. I may be hurt or upset at first, but I’d want you to talk with me and feel comfortable to tell me your worries. I would probably advise you that sex is a gift meant for committed (“put a ring on it”) relationships, where there is a promise made to stay with that person. It can be so devastating for our emotions when we aren’t or they aren’t promised only to us. And there is a lot less safety, (financial, emotional, physical) for a family. I want what’s best for you girl, and prolly your mom does too. So, please consider what you are doing, pregnant or not…it is good to think on the topic of sex before marriage, what is best in the long run, and set some firm boundaries and decisions.

          Prayers for you as you have so much going on. Love from your sister online <3 Please keep me posted and I'd love to chat more and here how you are doing, what you're thinking. -Renee


            Hey Guys thankyou for your help 🙂 I went to my doctors a couple of days ago and he made me do another pee test which came up negative but again im still not sure. I haven’t come on yet and i was due on today. Do you guys think its sensible to do one in a couple of days if i still havent come on?

            Yes my breast are quite sore and my mum is very traditional in the way that she didnt like me loosing my virginity so close after my 16th birthday and i told her i wouldnt jumo into having sex so soon with this bf, but i have and am worried how shed take it.

            I recently spoke to her about young pregnancy and she was abit better than i thought. Also i live in england so could i get help from that website?

            Thankyou SOOOOOO much for all your help XD Bright Blessings


              Ok so i came on my period … false alarm it seems xxx thank you for ALL your help though! Made me feel alot safer. And im not gonna lie im really upset because i got attached to the idea of being a mum :/ xxx oh well now i know i can wait a couple years xxx thanks again guys


                I’m glad you found some answers. Yes, I know it is in us to want to be mothers…but waiting is a part of life. My mom is “traditional” too, I suppose. But I SO thank her for caring about me, physically and emotionally. You have a choice now on putting yourself in this situation again. Please, for your well being, wait to have sex until you are married to a good man who will care for you, commit his heart and life to you, and be ready to father a child. You will be a great mommy, but make some choices in your heart now! Good to hear from you, and blessings!

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