i just got my period but i think i miscarrige

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      Hey, guys i’ve been in this web site offten my name is oxana but a.k.a anna well u see yesterday i was ok yesterday it was 4th of july and today is 5th of july this morning i woke up going 2 the restrrom and i sat there feeling myself pee and as i sat there i wiped under there 🙁 and there was a little bit of blood but not 2 worry i said maybe it will go away in 30 min but then i go again and there was these big stain in my under wears and i couldn’t belive it it was BLOOD!!! as i sat there crying and sobbing and runing out of breath my blood was really not redish but not dark and i had sex on 7-3-05 and i also had sex on 5-26-05 with no condom he ejaculted inside me i was suppose 2 start my period on june the 10th or the 11th it’s one if those days i alway’s have irregular periods alway’s and today i had alot of blood soo can i still be pregnat ???? :unsure: or i just had a miscarrige cuz i really wanna know

      thanx’s guy’s i will really appreciated if u’all did …. ohh and i’m 17 yrs old and he’s 19..


        yes u can be pregnant but i would tell u 2 go and get tested u may probabbly had amiscarrige or go 2 u’r gine k…. keep me possted ……

        Nicole ! 😉

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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