I just found out iam preganat and i am scared

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      I am 16 just found out i am 1 month pregnant by my 20 year old boyfriend. I am so scared to tell my parents.Because they might send him to jail for staturory rape.But he says if i decide to have the baby he will be there for me. Iam so confused on what i should do? And i dont want to have an abortion either.


        Hey Jennifer I just read your post- first of all DON’T HAVE AN ABORTION IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE ONE!!!!!! This is so important because if you feel forced to have an abortion or you feel like you have to then its not really a "choice" is it? You will be torn up inside for the rest of your life if you do have an abortion even though you really don’t want to. It may seem like the easier option right now but in the long run having your baby will give you so much happiness. If you read my story it is called "You Will Never Regret Having Your Baby!" it might give you some encouragement. You said you are scared of your parents and what they will do to your boyfriend. You do have options though so do not panic:) Things are not always as bad as they seem at first so just breath and know that you and your baby and even your boyfriend will be fine. I would give your local Family Independance Agency a call and get some help there. You might very well be able to emancipate yourself so that you can legally be an adult so that your parents can not put your boyfriend in jail. The FIA will also give you many resources to get your own place and help you financially as well as legally. If anything they will point you in the right direction to the specific people to help you with specific things. You don’t have to tell your parents about the pregnancy until you are ready, and even then you might possibly be away from them so they cannot force you to get an abortion or to put your boyfriend in jail. You have plenty of options you have ways to become independant and secure financially if you talk to an FIA counselor. Tell them exactly what you need help in whether it be legal advice, money, food, shelter, baby supplies, whatever it is they should have phone numbers and connections with all sorts of people who will help you get through this. Please do this before you make a decision about telling your parents or having an abortion or anything else talk to people who can get you and your baby taken care of. You can do this I have a feeling you are a lot stronger then you think you are right now so for your baby’s sake pull yourself up and fight for what YOU want!:) Good luck and just know that you can do this.


          Tell your parents , I’m sure they will be mad but will get over it . I’m 13 and 4 months pregnant and when I told my mom should stayed mad at me for weeks then my dad was there for me though . My baby daddy is in jail now hes 20 but not in there for stautory rape . But I can’t really give anyone advice now because I for one need advice my self because my life is messed up now!

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