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      hey all. i am eighteen years old. i have a son who is almost two. i had him when i was sixteen. anyways, right now i keep thinking i may be pregnant again. my boy friend (of two months) and i first had sex on march 17th without protection then the next week with protection, and the next weekend with protection, and the next week (saturday, april 1st) i got my period, but it lasted two days semi heavy, and about a day and a half light, and it was gone. my periods usually last 6 – 7 days heavy and i usually cramp a lot, but this one i didnt cramp at all! and since then and now, i have been kind of worried because of that period, and i have had weird cravings. the other day i ate a sandwhich with cheeze whiz, choc. fudge, pickles and marshmellows, and it was good. the next day (yesterday) i ate a sandwhich with pickles and cheeze whiz, and i must tell you that i am a very picky eater, and have never ate anything like that. plus, randomley i will just have the urge to go throw up. i have heartburn a couple times a day now too. i never get heartburn.. :unsure: my breats dont hurt at all either. also, today ive been having little pains in my lower abdomen, and slight headaches that last only a short while. im getting a test eventually, but dont know if i should, so i want to wait it out, and see how i feel this week. another thing, when i was pregnant with my son now, i dont think i started feeling any symtoms until i was like 2 months, but i could be wrong. i dont remember all that well the beginning of it… but what do you think??

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