I have all symptoms, but home tests say neg.??

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      I have all the symptoms except for morning sickness. I had unprotected sex beg of May. In June, I had an irregular period. In July (when I really started having symptoms), my period was 5 days late and was irregular. Now (August 18th), my period is 10 days late (my periods are NEVER late). I am 29 yrs old, never been preg., but all the symptoms are present except for throwing up. Last month (July) I took 3 tests about 2 days apart, and they all came back negative. Is there a possibility that I am pregnant?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated and needed!!!


        There is a big possiblity I think you should take another test now that you’re so late good luck


          If you still think that you may be pregnant then i would suggest going to the doctors and getting bloods taken as not everyone will get a positive via a home test. Good luck


            If you are more than 1 week late at any time for your period, and not showing up on a pregnancy test, you should always contact your dr. They can give you a blood test to make sure you really arent pregnant. A pregnancy test will show most pregnancies, but there are some cases, like in some rare tubal pregnancies, that you dont have enough hormones to register on a pregnancy test, and its important to get it check out. If you have always had regular periods and are now having irregular, you may want to call and see your dr anyway as something else could be going on.


              did u try taking the tests in the morning when ur urine has alot of pregncies hormones if u haver and it still says negative my advice to u is to go to ur doctor and ask for a blood test to see and i would do this asap cus if u are pregnant then u need to take steps to makesure ur unborn is healthy

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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