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      ok, here it goes. My ex and I have had sex this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He ejaculated in me twice on Wednesday and I think once on Thusday. I was wondering what were the possibilities of me becoming pregnant. I love this man with all my heart and he loves me too, actually more. I’m scared and wondering if I should keep this baby if I am. We are not financially or emotionally ready. Him And I are still getting over our breakup. I broke up with him because I cheated on him. We still sleep together very so often. So hence how we ended up in this situation. He doesn’t want any children. I’ve always wanted children but not now. What should I do ladies?


        First off he’s your EX that right there seems to be a major problem. But if you love eachother like you say you do I think you should have your baby. Honestly no one is every financially or emotionally ready for a baby so if your waiting for that moment to arrive trust me its not. But you need to work out your issues before you keep allowing him to ejaculate in you. What I dont get is how can he say he doesnt want any children but ejaculates in you? Either way if you are pregnant keep your baby, I’ve had an abortion and its not worth the pain. Keep us posted on your decision. Email me if you ever need to talk.


          Wow, that’s a tough situation…it’s hard because a baby can bring a family closer together, or tear them apart. I would wait to see if you really are pregnant, first. Then, carefully consider all of your options. Talk it over with him, and your family. And good luck!


            Well because apparently you didn’t use a condom there is a possibility that you are pregnant…well so to say pregnant…the term is actually concieving because that takes 2weeks. When are you suppose to get your pierd?? i would really wait until you miss a period and then take a test. So in other words yes its very possible!

            Well good luck…and i hope you get the results that you want.


              Any advice ladies,anyone out there?


                Hey girl,
                I am 3 months pregnant now but in a similar situation. Your chances of you being pregnant depend on your body. My husband and I had unprotected sex for 2 years and I havent gotten pregnant untill now. Some women get pregnant the very first time they have sex. As far as abortion goes…. I have been face with this issue as well. My husband Has decided he no longer wants to be married to me and have children with me unless i convert to his relegion. I am only 20 and face the whole young and alone issue. I thought about abortion and I went to a clinic twice in hopes id be able to do it. I thank god i didnt. I realize all of the dececions I have made in my life were conciously made by myself—- some good some bad. babies are a creation god has his hand in. Situations like this require alot of faith in god. If you Stay focused on keeping your baby safe healthy and happy- and keep your future in the picture, there is no reason girls and women like us shouldnt succeed. As far as the daddy goes—- pray for him. Girl, you and your baby deserve and man who wants to give you the world. So if he doesnt wanna then thats ok— you have enough love to give untill that type of man is in the picture. I hope I gave you some decent advice. write me back though id like to talk to ya – Andrea


                  Thanks for your advice girls! Well I’m still waiting to take the test and I’ll let everyone know the results! It’s just that if I am I feel likeI can’t go through another abortion, I’ve had two already from a past relationship. The reason I mention abortion is because I spoke with my ex today and he came over to see me. He says he wants me to get an abortion if I am. He says he feels this way because of how he feels about me. I wasn’t exactly an angel in our relationship.When I said to him the baby had nothing to do with what we chose to do he said he knew that and it wasn’t the baby but where it would be coming from. I’m just hoping now that I’m not pregnant. I feel so worthless.


                    Hiiiiiiiiiii – I’m Lisa and I am from the Stand Up Girl website. Ohhhh when I saw your e-mail and the dilemma that you are in, my heart so went out to you … I just had to write to you.

                    I saw the comment that you made to your ex about it ‘not being the babys’ fault and you are so so so right! You know what abortion does to your heart. Please remember that baby that is inside of you is alive. Living, breathing, moving and more. Did you know that at 6 weeks your baby can suck his/her thumb? Yesssssssss isn’t that amazing.

                    Can I just share with you that I have been down that road of abortion twice also. Ohhh please know that you have a chance now to give a baby life. I am now not able to have children. Abortion ruined my insides and so I can’t give life ever again. I long for those lost babies and if I could turn back the hands of time and change what I’ve done … I would.

                    But you have life right in your very hands. Something that so many of us on this site long to have. Please please remember that your baby is a completely whole person – apart from your ex. Your baby does not need your ex to live a satisfactory life. Please don’t abort your beautiful baby just to please someone else. It will just put you into a prison of further torment.

                    I would love to see you feel at peace about choosing life. I think sometimes we just need someone to support our decision. Someone to say "Girrrl! You can do this!" And I totally believe in you. I think that you can do this. I say this a lot but it’s so true "It’s not always easy being a Stand Up Girl, BUT it’s always worth it!

                    Please … this is your baby and your baby depends on YOU for his/her very life right now.

                    One last thing – can I show you an absolutely amazing photo? It is my most favorite and it shows the reality of a baby and how they are so formed at so young. OK?

                    Check it out:


                    Isn’t that amazing!

                    Please, keep us posted. Let us know how you are.


                    Luv Lisa


                      annalove wrote:

                      Wow, that’s a tough situation…it’s hard because a baby can bring a family closer together, or tear them apart. I would wait to see if you really are pregnant, first. Then, carefully consider all of your options. Talk it over with him, and your family. And good luck!


                        I agree. If you are not pregnant you guys should be more careful if he’s you EX. Generally there are only a few days you can get pregnant out of a month, so do you know where you were in your cycle? That will have alot to do with it.Good luck, hon!


                          Well if you are pregnant I would strongly urge you to keep the baby. A child will change the way you live think and feel about yourself. Stand strong and dont be moved on your decision to keep it no matter what. If you are not pregnant please stop putting yourself into situations that could get you pregnant. I have two kids , after my second pregnancy ( Iwas alone both times 2 dads) I commited to waiting till marriage to have sex again. well after almost 3 years I had sex on my wedding night and it was amazing 🙂 There is so much blessing and if I find out that I am pregnant I have no fear of what the father will say because he loves me enough to have respected my body and waited for me to be his wife. You deserve so much better than to give yourself to a man that wont commit to you 🙂 I hope all goes well…..God Bless


                            I think that you and he forst off need to talk about this. he needs to know the responibilities of a child has. ejaculating in you just for fun or b/c it feels good is not right. theres always a chance of getting pregnant when you are having sex so if you do get pregnant you have to decide weather you will be a fir mother or not….and always remember that weather its a fetus or embryo it had a little heart and that little heart was ment to beat! don’t always turn to abortion…there is always adoption!!

                            goodluck xo

                            gina lynn

                              regaurdless of the situation, i think you should keep the baby if you are pregnant. no it wont be easy, but trust me you wont regret it. a baby is such a blessing, it will change your life for the good, and if this guy is any kind of man, he will support you in your decision. if he doesnt, then thats his loss. most importantly you should pray, that will help you get through any situation.

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