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      can you have symptoms in the first week?
      ive felt nausus the past 3 nights & i still want to keep eating.
      ive been really moody too & my boobs are slightly sore.


        ye, you can have symptoms in the first week, i think that the earlyest symptom is your nipples geting sore and your boobs starting to get harder. when should you be having your period or have you missed it?


          As far as i know its possible. My symtoms didnt really kick in until about 6 weeks, but i know somebody whose started basically the morning after. She knew because of a sudden and unexplained aversion to coffee. She also got nauseus. If you havent done a test yet i would recommend that, but if it turns out negative wait a while longer and retest as you may not yet have enough of the hormone in your body.


              well friday morning i took a test & it came back negative buuut also that same night me&my boyfriend had sex & he came inside me..
              cus he thought i already had a possiblity of being pregnant & i mean so did i..so it was kinda mutal but now im scareddd =/ cus my moms stressed about it now. uhh.
              i have to wait till next saterday to know fosure i think..
              ahh, im nervous.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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