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      I am new to this board, and thought I would ask a quesition? Tomorrow(sunday 5/7) I will be officially a week late. I had maybe a few light pink spots about 5 days b4 period was to start but nothing after that… I took a hpt the day after I was to start and it was neg. Should I take another one? I have a few classic symptoms: I have been nausated(w/o throwing up) my breasts are extememly sensetive(sore), notice I am constantly starving(and I mean it feels like I havent eaten in 3 weeks) eventhough I am really nausated, more than usual cm too. I keep checking to see if I start cuz I do have light cramps but nothing like af. Oh then there is the subject of peeing more and very tired! I do have a ds but this is nothing like that pregnancy. OK here is my question was that few light pink spots my implantation bleeding or does a woman have to have the IB to be pregnant? PLus should I just skip the hpt and go for the blood test! I took 5 hpt with my 1 child and the all came back neg, and here I was 3 months pregnant….. Does any one have advice or any imput?
      Happy mommy goin 4 #2


        I would go get a blood test esp. with your past history of trouble with HPT’s the spotting could have been implantation bleeding but that isnt necessary for a pregancy, I never got implantation bleeding but I was def. pregnant. No two pregnancies are alike so that could explain the differences b/t DS and now this. Good luck.


          First off – go get another pregnancy test and test again. They sell pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store – and ALL pregnancy tests test for the same hormone.

          Second off – yes, you could be pregnant. That light bleeding you had 5 days before your period was due could possibly be implantation bleeding, which is the bleeding you experience while the egg is making its home in the wall of your uterus.

          Take a test now that you are past due on your period. Most of the time the tests are 99% accurate.



            🙂 Thank U for your ever so welcome advice!!!!

            I have an appt w/gyn this comin Mon. By then I will be 2 weks late, the nurse said almost the same about me just taking a bllod test.. I cant wait to find out either way!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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