i hate his parents :( venting…advice please!

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      so some of you might know what happened with my boyfriends parents and how they called off our wedding like 3 weeks before and they said i can do everything by myself and he doesnt have to be there for me and all that crap. so you guys know what jerks they are…

      well now they have this new thing of walking around saying "your poor baby. i feel so bad for your baby. she is going to have horrible parents. you two dont know how to do anything you are both so stupid. oh i wish we could just take her away. oh your poor poor daughter!"

      so its like what the heck is up with that?? like seriously!! i ddont need their crap right now especially since im on the verge of high risk pregnancy cuz of stress!! my doctor almost put me on bedrest because my blood pressure is so high. so its just like ugh!!!!

      i dont know what to do anymore…its hard to ignore them cuz i see them everyday so i just like i dont know what to do….im sick of being so stressed and crying myself to sleep every night because of them and because there is a possibility that my boyfriend wont be able to be around and help me with our daughter even though he wants to and he will miss out on some things and it just breaks my heart to see him upset about that…so i just like i dont know what to do…


        its so tough and have u anyone else that u can go and live with. You need to be taking it easy at this time.
        I think they are the ones that need to grow up really.


          hey. Don’t take those things to heart. If what they were saying was true, you wouldn’t be stressing over it. Your reaction leads me to believe that you have already vowed to take care of your daughter and love her to the best of your ability. Your boyfriend should be there for you and the baby ,and his parents should understand that it takes two to get pregnant and he has some responsibility. The fact that your boyfriend wants to be there says alot about him,and he deserves to experience all the good things, as well as the hard, that go along with parenting. how long before he is 18? Can you seperate yourself from his parents and not have to see them everyday? No one deserves belittling comments like that.


            look hunni they are trying to bring you down. dont listen to them. it was their sons responsibility to be a daddy and they can be interfearing with the baby if you dont want them to be. my advice is not to listen to them. you dont need ot be stressed out during pregnancy just ignore them. they need to grow up. πŸ™‚

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