i had symptoms then they went and now are back

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      About a month ago i started having symptoms (No period, feeling sick in the evenings, stomachaches) then they disappeared for like two weeks (except of course the missed period)
      and now theyve come back and i still havent had a period but it doesnt look like ive gained much weight i dont think.

      Any chances that i could be pregnant? :S


        I would try an over the counter pregnancy test


          why don’t you take a test? the test can tell if you are., but i think you are., 😉 gudluck


            You don’t really gain weight in most of the first trimester. Preg symptoms can come and go there is no right or wrong on that it just depends on the person. You can bloat in the 1st trimester but you don’t really gain that much. Your best bet is to take a test since missed period does not mean “Pregnancy” one time I missed mine by 2 months and were not pregg and My friend missed her’s my 4 months and was not pregnant. It could be your hormones just messed up and you may think you are getting pregnancy symptoms since the early preg symptoms are the same as PMS. So your best bet is to take a test and at this time it should be accurate.


              I think you should take a HPT to confirm because every woman’s pregnancy is different good luck 🙂

              stacy ann

                i had syptoms that came and went for weeks turned out i was and now i have a baby get a test to be sure or go to doctors and ask them to do one


                  So i took a test like yesterday, and it came out negative. But i’m still not sure because this week i was either spotting or it was a really light period (with no cramps)


                    you should go to the doctor then since it came out negative just to see if everything is okay


                      You might have to see a doctor to find out about that one. It could be something that is all in your head. Your mind is a powerful thing. If you stress about it, it can push your period off and make it very irregular.

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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