I had my first ultrasound today

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      well here is an update for you guys..i went for my first ultrasound and they said im 13 weeks today and that im due on the 25th of june which is my little sisters birthday lol its funny cos my older sis is due on my mums birthday and im due on my lil sisters lol..i felt it kick for the first time too….in the ultrasound it was drinking its fluid and bouncing around all crazy and kicking and rolling over lol so im very happy…but yer so theres the update guys…i cant wait to show more pics as i get bigger lol


        aaww congrats…Dang first time I felt my little boy kick was 18 weeks now I’m 28 weeks and I feel him every move 😆 Well congrats on the ultrasound and on my 1st ultrasound my little boy head bumped the place that the ultrasound tech. put pressure xD then he tried moving away from it. Now he kicks and punches me all the time :blink:

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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