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      well on the 19th of april i went in for my first check up and saw the baby and it looked healthy. the baby was only nine weeks but i thought i was 11 weeks, but the dr wasnt worried said i must have just cought it on time because every thing looked great. i saw the baby in 3D looked adorable. anyway when it was time to check for the heartbeat there was none………the dr looked at me and said those words you never want to hear "theres a problem" so on the 24th of april i went in for the surgery ( a D and C) and now im just trying to move on. i need some advice on how to get over the guilt and pain of losing my baby. i know i can try again but im afriad it will happen again and then what. i just would like some kind words or support. thanks


        all i can tell you is i know how you feel. I lost my child and she was born, so I actually got to see her and bond with her before she died, so it was better in some ways but alot more emotional in others. You need to give it sometime. When my daughter died, I wanted to go in that grave with her. I couldn’t stop myself, and I was so ashamed of what had happened. The truth is, it was NOT your fault, and had the baby been born, there could have been serious problems. Chances are that you will not miscarry again, and this time the doctors are going to pay you much closer attention. I know its hard to not think so negative about the whole thing, and the worst thing about it being that people around you will move on alot more quickly than you will, but one day soon you’ll be strong enough to leave this experience in the past, and move on eventhough you will carry it in your mind always.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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