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      okay well alot of really weird things have been happening to me in the past month, me and my boyfriend hardley ever use condoms because im on the pill and he also pulls out. well i told him that he kept getting some inside me and he said he didnt realized it and that we will start using condoms because im only 16 and i dont want to get pregnant, and weve had 1 scare before. and then one night he was talking to me about if he ever got me pregnant what would i do? and i told him would keep the baby because i could never get an abortion. and he said the same and that he would stay with me forever and he would pick up extra days at work to save money for our family. and i told him thats not something that normal guys would say,a nd he said he knew but he loved me and if i had a baby he would love it too. well since then weird things have been happening like ill be sitting there and all the sudden a commerical will come up about teen pregnancy or i will walk by and hear a random person talking about pregnany…but the thing that really is scaring me is that last night i had a dream that i was in the hospital and one of my friends was with me. the doctor came in and was like "so you think you might be pregnant again katie?" and im like "i just havent been feeling right and i want to make sure" so the doctor did a test and she said "well it looks like theres something there but i wnat to be 100% sure" so she put it on this piece of paper and the paper turned a color and shes like "well congratulations it looks like your having a baby" and my friend that went with me was like "YESSS!!" but i just sat there staring and not saying anything. its really beginning to bother me and my boyfriend because i told him about it….what if im pregnant? how would i tell my mom?


        Here’s how I interpret the dream:

        Your friend represents you, and how (in your subconcience) one side of you wants to become pregnant. The actual you in the dream represents the side of you that knows you shouldn’t have a baby this early. If you do turn out to be pregnant, good luck to you. If you don’t, think about it long and hard if you decide to start trying. Read my post in "Baby Cravings"


          Girl let me tell you…….i had dreams i was pregnant too. And right now i really think im preggy. I had 2 dreams, one i had a son laying in the bed wit mw and the other i was big. Sorry for me talkin on and on i hope this helps.


            Im only 14 ok and im 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant IF i am.Im not sure yet ive been getting alot of symptoms and i havent gotten my period so Im close to being sure that i am. It has been happening to me too, when me and my boyfriend go out, everywhere we look there is someone pregnant like if its telling us something. My boyfriend is only 15 and we have been together for 2 years and he also told me the same thing that your boyfriend told you about what would he do if he did get you pregnant.What do you think your mom would say if you were? My mom is so happy if i am I think im more nervous than she is. She’s already planning things for my babyshower, i mean its cool that she’s happy but its going to dissapoint her if im not that’s why i dont want to get happy about it .Good luck and hopefully everything goes ok


              You know, I have had many dreams that I was pregnant.

              One of them was I was married on a boat and giving birth on the ships deck and my boyfriend was there holding me.

              The second one I was at like a office with some of my friends and there mom and I put my hand on my stomach and I could feel the baby kick. I was also showing like I was about 7 months. and as I stood up i got dizy. (Very recently.)

              The third one was where I was walking down the street with a baby in a stoller and a toddler on my hip with my boyfriend.

              My dreams are so weird…….. :ermm:

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