I had a boy!

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      Baby: Collins William

      Original Due Date: February 3

      Birthdate: February 8, 4:03 pm

      Gestational age: 41 weeks

      Weight/Length- 8 lbs 2 oz, 21"

      Gender: (team green!) Boy

      Well he finally made it here. My 40th week I spent with a bad case of the flu. I had a fever and was in the er for 24 hr supervision. Thursday was the first day I was feeling sort of back to my old self. I went in for my dr’s appt and she stripped my membranes. I was at 3 cm, 80% and he was really low. Anyway this was all around 3 pm on thursday. I left and went to the market. Aftr walking around there I started feeling crampy. I didnt think anything of it because it was fairly normal for me to feel that way after a dr’s visit. Around 1-2 am I started noticing that the cramps had a pattern and were getting closer. I started timing them. They were right around 10 min apart. By 4 am they were 4-5 mins apart and we headed to the hospital. When I got there my dr checked me and said I was a looser 3 and 90% so she said she might as well keep me. (you’re supposed to be at least at a 4 before they keep you at my hospital). Five minutes after she made that decision I had a major bloody show. Another five minutes later I had a horrible wave of nausea and as I was throwing up my water broke everywhere. It was totally crazy. They been slow to admit me to a room before then but as soon as that happened they dashed me into one. The painless contrax Id been having before changed drastically. All of a sudden I was in soooo much pain. Oddly all I wanted was to be in the water. They got me in a shower and I sat on the floor of the shower for about an hour and a half. I got totally exhausted around 7 am friday morning. They gave me a narcotic to try to dull the pain and let me sleep for awhile. The narcotic made me totally crazy. Id been handling the pain ok till then but I couldnt think straight at all with whatever they gave me. I also still was hurting like crazy. So I asked for an epidural. It was truly a miracle. The minute they got it in the pain dissapeared and I was able to sleep till about 3:40. At that point I woke up looked at my dr and said I think its time to push. She checked me and said "Yup you’re right." 23 min later he was out.Everyone was shocked that my first was a) so big and b) I pushed him out so easy. Hes breast feeding ok. Better at night time then during the day but were making progress. His apgar scores were 9 and 9 and were both home now. Im very sore but I didnt have any stitches so were doing well.


        What a great birth story and thanks for sharing coz i really love reading about different births.
        Different but nice name too!
        CONGRATS. I hope he is sleeping well for you.

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