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      i for got to take my pill 2 days in 1 week, could i possibly fall pregnant? Im worried that iam, as i havnt been feeling great last few days. it was just over 13 days ago it happened is this too early to take a pregnancy test?:(


        the best thing to do is wait till ur next period before starting to get worried, if it is late, then u should take one….


          hi there,
          the earliest that you can take an hpt and expect a reliable result is after af is late. blood tests are more accurate, but most gps will only give you one if you have a bfp.
          Anything is possible when you have unprotected sex and while it’s not likely that yr pregnant, the chance is always there… so just try to wait it out and try not to stress too much about it.

          Good Luck
          E xox


            Well sweety, did you happen to have sex on those 2 days or alot during that one week? If so then ofcourse it is possible. But don’t worry, that happend to me last year. I forgot to take it a couple of times and i was FREAKING OUT. Every little symptom I got (nausea, craving, menstrual-like cramps) I got so sick and thought I was pregnant again. I just bought 3 tests to make sure and thank God I wasn’t. So don’t get yourself all worked up if you haven’t even taken one yet. It could just be your subconscience.


              im just over a week late but am going to do a test in the morning and possibly again in another 2weeks jus to be sure, thank u for ur advice. xxxxxxxxx


                Did you take the pills immediatly after you realized? My friend got pg with only missing ONE pill!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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