I feel so weird leaving my teens?

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      In half a year’s time, I’m going to leave my teens, and I won’t be a teen mum anymore. I don’t know why, but I’m feeling so weirded out about that, hitting 20.
      I know, it’s strange, most people would think that I would be happy to let go of the title teenage mother. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit weird going into ‘adulthood’ (although I’m raising my son, paying the bills, running the house and everything else I’m supposed to do lol, so I suppose I should be called an adult lol).
      Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?


        i never thought of it. My first was born at 19 and in my eyes i didnt feel too young, others saw it as being young i guess.


          I understand, it’s probably because you are such an activist for teen mothers that in a way, you no longer are one!!! It seems like the battle is over!!

          Something you’ve defended so fiercly and for so long is now over and people will look at you as a young mom but not a teenage mom, it makes things a little different I guess.

          I could be way off but I guess that’s how I would feel, a lot of people I think forget that teenage moms DO grow up and we won’t be young forever!


            I think you got it down to a TEE!


              i know how u feel and i not even near 20..im only 18 and turning 19 in april..but my hubby just turned 20 in sept and he felt so weird leaving behind his teens…..i know i feel weird sometimes when my friends who are my age and dont have a baby are in college, going to parties, and having their parents still pay for everything….


                You got it pretty much right breathless (I would say your name but I don’t know if you want me to in forums lol…?)!
                That’s one of the biggest factors I guess so true!


                  I agree with you. I will be 20 soon, and I feel as though the title "teen-mom"… is leaving me too soon… I have been a teen mom since I was 15- 4 years with that title… and beating the odds of raising my daughter… it’s been wonderful knowing people have looked at me, and congratulated me… it’s going to be different now I am an "adult"…

                  Hmm… good question!


                    OMG i know how you feel i’m not pregnant and I don’t have any kids but i’m sooo dreading hitting 20 I work 12 hours a day take care of myself and pay for my own bills and looking to move out of my mum’s house and thats nothing but for some reason hitting 20 is like O..M…G I won’t be a teenager anymore…As for being a 18/19 year old mum my friend just had a baby at 18 she’s engaged, employed has her own car and house with her fiance…how can anyone say she’s too young to have a baby when she’s handling adult life better than some thirty-somethings…as for me I don’t think I’m too young t all to have a baby but then i gues everyone is different…I think the ages 18-25 are the perfect age range to start a family…if yor mature enough and can deal with the responsibilites…and then there are people who are much younger that do great too…but anyway yah back to the subgect matter…..20….ugh! :)x

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