I feel like crap and need to have a big fat rant!

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      I feel like crap. . .
      my babys dad has been emailing me telling me that im fat ugly an he enjoyed making my life hell. .on top ov that i found out that he got the girl he was cheating on me with PREGNANT! her baby will be due feb, he has given her a home a car and support everything i wanted an needed from him which he refussed to give me and my baby!! It makes me ask whats wrong with my prefect baby boy?

      On top ov that i live with my mom and dad which im not complianing about but in a way its sooooooooooo hard. . . .My parents try to help out as much as they can but they both work full time an when they can go out they dont want to take me n the baby out cuz it stops them really doing waht they want they dont say that bu its one of them things u cn jus tell. . Scince the baby has been born my mom and dad have been struggling to keep us, even with me paying towards the bills. I feel like a burden on them and stopping them living their lives!! Which make me angry, upset an lonley.

      Ive never felt as alone as i do now, i have my baby bu i dont have any1 to wrp their arms around me and tell me they love me, i havent got any1 to help with the baby like change a nappie give the ealry morining bottle. Its hard and lonley. Im not depressed cuz i love every second of being a mommy, its jus i want some 1 to love me an kiss me an make me happy the way a partner does. I now i sound selfish an ungratful, cuz i know their are girls on this site who have it alot harder!!! An im not sayin they dont. . i just need to vent, i cant really talk to people cuz if u say ur un-happy they atuomaticly think that its the baby. I love my son more than life im just lonley and fustrated, i hate bein a single mom.


        dont feel bad for feeling the way you we know you love your son more then life itself. it can be very stressful yes the father of my babies and i r together but it can still be stressful i stay at home with them all day y he works and i get so stressed some days and just want to run away but i would never leave my kids…the stress comes with being a parent hun and i promise it will let up sooner or later..it will get better with time and as far as that jerk block him from ur email and dont ever speak to him again if he calls ignore him..dont give him the satisfaction at knowing he irritates u bc that will make it worse…well good luck to you and i know everything will get better.


          I can fully realate to you. My sons father and I were just friends. Wehad sex 1 time and I ended up pregnant. He had a girlfriend at the time BUT he told me she was not his girlfriend. We have been through soooooooooooooooooo much since I told him I was pregnant and it has been so hard. I have sooooooo much support from my friends and family but NO ONE can relate to what this pain feels like. To not have the 1 person who could help you through this not even want to talk to you. He was been really rude to me and really out of line. He cares about his girlfriend more than the baby. I know in december when my baby gets here things are going to change because I HAVE FAITH IN GOD and I pray everday all day and ask god to send me some who will positively impact me and my sons life. I feel so lonely right now but my mom told me whats for you, you will have and I believe that. Soo dont worry one day. You will get that feeling. As much as you WANT IT NOW, I do too.


            i know that it can jbe frustrating..and i am probably a mom that you dont want to hear from but i am going to let you in on a secret… the partner that you want so bad…
            well honey…. you spend more time raising the dad then you do the baby… i have been both a single mom and a mom in a relationship.. and i will tell you… THE MAN KNOWS NOTHING….i love my husband dont get me wrong..but sometimes he is harder to deal with then just having a baby…. i know that it can be frustrating but i will tell you something.. i will make you stronger to know that no matter what you can do it one you own… and one of these days… you will find a man who will love you and your baby… he will accept you both as if the child was his and wont thinks twice about it… so dont worry… you will get use to it and you will have life level out for you… well i will keep you in my prayers…and know that you are woman and that you can do it on your own without any help…

            now my rant on your babys daddy…
            he is an ass and doesnt deserve you or YOUR perfect little baby… dont worry about him… he is stupid and trust me he has it coming.. and he will be punished for being stupid…

            email me anytime that you want to… debraking_777@yahoo.com


              I know, it’s hard being single. I sometimes feel like the I am falling, like my knees are buckling.
              But you know what — not once have they actually buckled. I don’t know where us mothers get the strength from, but somehow we do, and i belive in God.
              The most important thing to remember is that there are bad times in life and good times. This is one of those bad times. It had nothign to do with the fact that you’re too young blablabla I sometimes feel I can’t say anything because ppl jump to conclusions…this is one of those bad times, and there’ll be good times ahead.
              Just keep taking it day by day; and remember, the worst off on this site are the ones that don’t have their babies in their arms anymore. Remember that. Compared to them, we are blessed indeed.


                Okay so my babys daddy I told him the night I found out I was prego, and hes like okay so then that night he was more shocked I think then happy! and now were not together bc he says he is confused and that he likes this other who is pregnat, so yeah its just all really confusing! so yeah im going to go for now! but it juss really pissed me off how someone can call me everynight sayin baby I love you, and then I ask then why dont you go out with me, hes like im just really confused I mean hes goin have a baby in July and ita already almost december! but ttyl!


                  I know what you mean. My babys father will tell me he cares and wants to be around the baby and blah blah blah. Then I go out of town for a few days and he’s sleeping around, doing drugs, and proving to me that hes not ready or willing to help. I moved back in with my parents because I knew I couldnt afford the baby by myself. I feel bad taking their money but the baby needs it. So I just deal with being lonely and feeling guilty because Its something I need to do to give the baby the best life. It does really suck though.

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