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      I am 17 years old and just found out im 6 weeks pregnant. Its not that i didnt use protection, my boyfriend who is 24 had a vesectomy about 8 months ago because he already has a child from a previous relationship. the chances of me getting pregnant were really one in a million. I am so afriad. i have told both of my parents and they say they will back me up no matter what i choose although they both really want me to have an abortion as well as my boyfriend. they all say its because of my future and the money it takes to raise a child. I know it is probably the right thing to do considering im suppose to go to college in the fall but a part of me really wants to keep it. i feel as if i am connected to it. i dont know if i could live with myself knowing that i just threw away my first child. I need some advice!!!


        im 17 too..
        and i knew im pregnant last month..
        and i was 6weeks that time too..

        my boyfriend wants the abortion..
        i was like you that time,,
        i thought of him and the future..
        i thought im going to ruin my boyfriend’s
        life and mine. that we were no longer to be
        together because of the baby..
        i thought that i can over the abortion
        and live like a normal life again..

        Nov. 6, 2009 Friday 9:00am
        i went to the hospital for my abortion
        they took my baby..
        and now i regret it..
        even im telling myself billion times
        that i accept what happend
        there is nothing to do w/ it.
        its done but in the end of the day..
        i know myself,, that i hate myself
        and i really regret it..

        i felt what your feeling now..
        i know how hard and scary to carry a life..
        that really just want to live..
        you know i felt too,,
        that i dont want my baby, my first child
        to just threw away..
        but i was stupid to listen to others and
        think its right..
        maybe in a way its right but..
        im paying everyday of my life for that choice!

        dont go for it..
        listen to your heart..
        6weeks, your baby’s heart is beating now..

        they are many people will help you..
        and i know your parents will love your child
        when it came out!
        they just say that because they are scared too..
        and they know how hard..
        but its more hard to miss someone you didnt even knew..:(

        Be Strong!
        im here to help and to listen too:)



          What a great video and wonderful words of wisdom Anakie, I couldn’t have said it better myself….


            i was 15 when i fell pregnant, 16 when i had my abortion.
            15 weeks pregnant.
            the 1st july 2008, the day that completely ruined my life.

            trust me, an abortion isnt easy, and there will not be a second when you dont think about your baby.
            if i could go back in time, believe me when i say i would never of gone through with it.

            and the end of the day, you have put yourself in that situation and have now got a baby growing inside you. your baby.
            there will be hard moments but you can do this, everyone will support you in the end. and you always have th support of the girls here!!



              Being pregnant at seventeen is hard, I wont lie to you. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m twenty seven weeks, and four days pregnant. I’ve thought about my future, and about my fiances future, and honestly I couldn’t imagine it without our beautiful unborn son. Pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful thing. Just think about it, that baby growing inside of you will always be a part of you, and will always love you no matter what. That baby don’t care about money, or about your past, that baby only cares about you being there for him or her. I promise you if you keep the baby, your baby it’ll bring you happiness every day for the rest of your life. Most guys that want you to get an abortion usually leave you after you do it. I don’t want to scare you, but it has happened to lots of girls I know. I have a friend that can’t stand living her life because she killed her baby. I am a christian so I want to put it this way, No one on gods green earth truely has a right to take away anyones life, only god has the right to take them to heaven because he needs them with him. Life is a blessing, as is pregnancy. I really hope you make the right choice. Good luck.


                Thank you so much for that video. it really helped. πŸ™‚


                  I’ve never been in this situation, I did however think about abortion ONCE the day I found out I was 16yrs and pregnant. I came out of the doctors office and after telling my mom she asked “Well what are you going to do about it?” and being stupid I said, “Well I don’t want it!!” but that was far from the truth, I only said that because I was confused and in some ways mad that I let this happen. But I chose to keep and raise my daughter and 3 1/2yrs later I don’t regret the decision, she is the best thing to ever happen to me, its because of her that I pushed myself to succeed. I had her a month after I turned 17yrs, and had my son 3mos. before I turned 19yrs, so I had two kids before I graduated high school. And today I’am a 20yr old mom of two, and also a full time college student and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, so there can be/is life after having a child.


                    i would tell you that you will regret it my mom said its my choise to get a abortion or keep it i kept my baby even though my baby dad is not around he dosnt want any part of it having a baby wont ruin your life it just take a little bit longer once you have your baby in your hands you would what in my right mind would think of abortion but you can get plenty of help from friends and family just dnt listen to what people say thats what they think you should do u never no what ur first baby might come out to be my mom told me dat i got prego at 15 now im 16 and have a baby boy he’s 2months and 1week old so please just dnt get a abortion and congrats!!! sol-Angle πŸ™‚


                      It is a very difficult decision to make and it will not get easier. Abortion is a sad way to solve a problem. Always remember this is an innocent life that is paying the punishment for your mistake. Please don’t take it out on someone who meant no harm. Children are God’s gift to the world and he choose to grace you with one of his little angels. This child will change your life if you decide to keep them and if you feel like you can’t take care of a child right now please give it up for adoption. There are a lot of people out there that are not blessed with children and want one to love and take care of. Please don’t be selfish and take this life from a world of opprotunities.

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