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      why are there so many girls that are young who are excited to have babies posting on this site? shouldnt yall be not so proud of being pregnant? shouldnt yall be embarassed? just wondering if my perception of "pregnancy" is wrong and its actually a laugh a minute being pregnant.


        If everyone in the whole world was the same exact way (looked the same, dressed the same, talked the same way, had babies at the same time) this world wouldn’t be as unique as it is. We all have different time lines and thats what makes us different from others.

        No one has to conform to everyone else, we all have freedom of speech and we all make our own decisions. Sometimes we also make decisions that aren’t what others want of us.

        Seriously, a woman who has wanted a baby for soo long can be super scared as she looks at those two pink lines on her pregnancy test (even if the baby was planned). Eventually, we take what life gives us and emotions can run through our heads. Finding out you are pregnant, you can either take it in a positive way or a negative one. Life is only hard if we make it hard so once a girl finds out she has a baby on the way, she can make the best out of it or let her world fall down.

        Life throws us curve balls BUT our babies are here for reasons. We are making a future generation and when a teenage girl makes the best outta her pregnancy, I give her a lot of credit! Pregnancy shows how strong you are, whether you like it or not, another person is growing inside of you and depending on you for everything. You can love someone so much…someone you haven’t even met yet and thats something so beautiful in life.

        Why aren’t others complaining about the people who are over 45 having kids, what will happen when their parents are too old to take them to the park and play ball etc. Thats what makes life wonderful, we all have different timelines.


          pregnancy is nothing to be embarrsed about!!!! on that note most of the girls here (with a few exceptions) didn’t plan on getting pregnant. The condom broke, they forgot to take their pill, or just just plan got caught up in the moment. There are so many emotions these young women go through. At first they’re scared. Who wouldn’t be? but after a while when you actually think about it’s so exciting. And feeling your baby kick is the one of the best feeling in the world! Having a baby is best gift in the world. And i think that all the girls on here are heros. They took a situation that wasn’t in their favor and turned it around. They didn;t take the cowards way out. They stood up and fought for their childern. That is defintly something to be PROUD of!! They chose life!! They are brave. THey took on a challenge and concorded it! Their lives now have meaning to them!!!!


            Im not trying to be rude to you or anything but what you just said sounded really ignorant or maybe its the way you said it … Im 18 which is relatively young and i am 6 months pregnant.. if you ask most of these girls on this site about thier initial reaction to finding out they were pregnant they were not excited or even happy.. i know when i first found out i was scared out of my mind and i wanted to get an abortion… but thanx to sites like these and supportive people around me i decided to keep the GIFT that GOD gave me.. the key is to forgive yourself and you cannot do that by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and being depressed about being pregnant.. No its not something i planned but i do plan on loving my baby and raising a wonderful new life .. So YES i am HAPPY about that and therefore, after all that i have been thru being pregnant so young and all the drama that comes along with it , i am happy about what God has given me. Therefore i should be happy about being pregnant. I wanna know what you suggest we should all do .. go to a cliff and jump off cuz we found out we are pregnant or be responsible and mature about the irresponsible, in my opinion, choice to have sex unprotected and so young. I love my little one already and I am happy to be pregnant and am anxiously awaiting the day i can see his precious face.. if you cant understand that then maybe you dont have a heart or sumthin or maybe your blinded by something.. i dunno but i feel sorry 4 ya.. good luck in life sweetie


              there’s not doubt that pregnancy is hard and that its even harder when ur a teen mom, but there is no reason to be ashamed of giving life. there’s no reason to be embarrassed about loving a child that God gave u and that u helped create. pregnancy and parenthood are not the most fun or easy things in the world, but they are the most rewarding.society tells us to be ashamed of ourselves if we get pregnant out of wed-lock and as a teen, but the only ones who should be ashamed are the ones who judge young women who stuggle day to day to make a life for themselves and their children, and also the ones who have decided that they would rather put their child up for adoption and give a couple who would otherwise be childless the greatest give u could give. pregnancy isn’t always fun, but its worth it.


                I had a friend in high school who never told her parents that she was pregnant and she ended up having her Baby in the ally behind her house. She was so ashamed about being pregnant that she could not bring herself to tell her family. after she had the baby she put her little girl in a childrens home. And after a few days she decided that she couldn’t do that to her baby and she went and picked her up. We were in band and at the end of the year we had an honors banquet and we threw her a Diper shower and placed the dipers on a back table. We had so many upset mothers that didn’t understand why we had done this. Needless to say she had been RAPED by a stranger and got pregnant how can you posibly know all of these girls storys and pretty much say that it is all there fault. and If you think I am one of those pregnant unwedd teenagers I’m not. I am 19 years old and have been married for a year. I give the girls who try to protect themselves a lot of respect for taking on the resposibility of being a mom at a young age. We all make mistakes and some of them we pay dearly for. a baby is a blessing from God and he has put that baby here for a reson and we should be grateful for it. I have even more respect to those girls who put there Babys up for adoption. They give a family somewhere the chance to have children that would never have been posible otherwise. And I know that these family are vary happy when They get a call saying that they maybe able to adopt. As I have seen that look on my Aunts face twice when She found out that there was a baby waiting for her.


                  No one is excited when your a teen/young and you find out your about to be a mother, i know i’m 16 and pregnant. But when you over come the fear and anger you get a sense of happiness. The thought of carrying such an amazing human being gives you the best feeling in the world! You can’t describe the feeling you get! But maybe one day when you become a mother you to will realise the feeling the rest of us young mothers feel!!

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