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      This is only kinda sorta a pregnancy question.

      I was on Depo Provera(tha shot) and it wore off in Feb. Since then i have experienced maybe like 3 real periods, but the rest of the time there was just this brown discharge that never realy stopped except for a few times, and then started again. I’m not on the shot anymore and even though the discharge has stopped i haven;t had a real period in months and I’m worried. the last time I bled was May6 & 7. There’s been nothing since then and I don’t know why.
      I had sex May 6 and that was when the discharge stopped and the bleeding began. I thought I was pregnant and that thought is still in the back of my mind , but I don’t think I am since i was ovulating last weekend. And I haven’t had a test b/c I don’t have any money to buy one with. Besides, I don’t have any symptoms, and my breast are still the same size and everything. I just want to know whats wrong with me and why I’m not having regular periods.
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        all i can tell you is to make an appointment at a doctors office or a free clinic. Good luck

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