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      :blink: Here’s the situation….My biological clock has been ticking for the last 7 years now despite the fact i am only 22, going on 23) The thing is I really want a baby and my boyfriend and I have agreed to start trying. I have been off of my pill for over a month now. I already eat healthy, I stop smoking and I was never a heaver drinker….
      Here are the symptoms I have been experiencing
      I have been feeling lighted headed……just kinda woozy and out of it right after I spit up
      I have been spitting up for about over a week now always around the same time of the day.:sick:
      I have a slightly elevated temperature, but nothing that screams fever :blush:
      I have been experiencing very mild cramping :pinch:
      I haven’t had my period yet and I should have got it around the 6th of this month, i had my last period around the 5th of last month :blink:
      I have the headaches, sore heavy feelng breasts with nipples that could give directions they stick out so much. B)
      I have had enough gas to choke an elephant :blush:
      I want to eat everything in sight (strange combinations of food)
      I pee like every half hour to an hour :S
      I have even had the mild nose bleeds
      I started feeling like this about 3 days after the last time me and my boyfriend had sex. I really want a baby, but i don’t want to get my hopes up on being pregnant because it’s still pretty early to tell. I especially don’t want to get my boyfriend’s hopes up. Although we have decided if i can’t concieved down the line we would adopt. I want to know what u guys think i might be going through and if pregnancy is the case how long should i wait before i get a blood test done. I say a blood tests beause nothing is showing up on a home pregnancy tests and the women in my family have a history of not showing positive results for hpt. Any comments? Any advice?:whistle:


        Ooooh! I don’t want to get your hopes up either, but I think your suspicions are right. You should go take a test right away and let us know 🙂


          Well they sound like they could be pregnancy symptoms. 3 days after is not too early to start sensing them – its just like that for some women. The usual advice with a pregnancy test is to wait until your next period would have been due. If you do one and its neg, wait a few days and try another. If thats neg, but you still have symptoms, get a blood test. Always trust your instincts though. If it reads neg it doesnt always mean you arent. I read about somebody on this site who ended up having an ultrasound because she was convinced she was preg even though 2 types of tests said she wasnt. She was right. Good luck and i hope that you are!


            Hi there! Good Morning. I would talk with your doctor about this. Maybe you and your boyfriend will have to adopt, but either way— you could end up with a happy & healthy child. I guess that is all that really matters.

            Good luck & Best wishes…



              you know alot of pregnancy symptoms are the same thing as PMS! and u can also trick yourself into having symptoms if u really want it! I DID When i was trying to concieve! It’s a little to soon for symptoms to start if u are preggo! I would give it some time and try not to think about it so much! Because the more u think about it the more symptoms you will *think* you have!


                also if its been AT LEAST two weeks, go and get a blood test! i didnt show up on a urine test for the first 3 months of my pregnancy!

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