i dont know what to tell my dad!?

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      I just found out i was pregnant a week ago and im really happy about it. I know i shouldnt be but what to i have to loose? Im in love with the father and hes in love with me too. We have been going out for a year and we are planning on getting married and living together. Well the deal is this:

      -I live with my father and i havent told him yet.
      -My mom knows and she is supportive but my dad is the problem!

      What do i tell him? What do i say and when should i tell him? please help!! :S


        Hey hun!

        Well first off Congrats on your pregnancy!! And its going to be alot easier with your mother supporting you in the situation!! I would definitly sit down with your dad and lay it out straight!! Sugar coating it will not help!! Trust me, Im 31weeks pregnant and the sugar didnt help lol;)

        Anyways just let him know your views on it and what you plan on doing!! For instance staying in school, working to help with the child, etc..

        Stand up for yourself and be strong!! Everything will work out hun:)


          You really need to tell him ASAP. The only thing you are doing right now is hurting yourself and hurting your father. I didn’t tell my father until I was four months pregnant and it hurt him so bad because I was always daddy’s little girl, but I was scared of what he would say about it so I held it off longer than I should have. You really need to tell him.


            I’m glad that your mom is supportive. Would it be easier for you to break the news to your dad with her by your side? You dad may be upset at first, but my guess is that he will come around and be supportive. Good luck.



              1st of all, u r so lucky that ur mom is bing supportive! Don’t take that 4 granted! As 4 ur dad, get straight 2 the point, but put it gently. If it helps, write it 2 him in a letter insted, or send it 2 him in a card along with a small gift and an apolgy. It will all turn out ok.

              luv, Aimee-Nicole

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                Tell him sooner rather than later. It’s not fair to your Mom and their relationship to make her keep secrets from him. My neice didn’t tell her grandfather though everyone else knew. When the baby was born he calculated the time and was so hurt. He said,"Didn’t she trust me enough to love her?" Trust him to love you and your baby! And you have an awesome mother! It won’t be easy but it will be worth it! Every birthday,every holiday you won’t feel sadness for a loss you’ll feel incredible joy! I’m proud of you! Now,go tell him today…and let us know…there are others who care!


                  I see that you posted that awhile ago….wat happened? My dad found out when me and my mom did b/c i was at the doctor and my mom called and told him. He was upset but supportive.

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