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      Hi, I came to this site for some serious help; So here it goes.

      My name is Emma, I am eighteen years old and pregnant. I just found out, and I dont know what to do. My birthday is in May, and I will turn 19, but am I ready to be a mom. I am finishing up my second semester at a local community college and I have four semesters left before I graduate as an RN. But I dont know if I can do it all while being a mother. I know that other people have done it before, and I know that it can be done. I never thought that I would be considering abortion, but I am. I thought that I would get help before I go through with it. I am affraid that my life is going to change to the point where I wont recognise it anymore. I am so scared. I got married at 18, and my husband is all for having the baby. He has told people about how I am pregnant, and he is so excited. He said that it doesnt matter either way, but he gets so angry when I talk about abortion. What should I do. I know that I am rambling, but I am really scared and dont know where to turn. Can I handle the responsibility? Will I loose my life if I go through with the pregnancy and keep the baby? What should I do? Please help..


        *i am in college for nursing and psychology… MADISON’S dad is also in college way ahead of me but still has yrs left considering he is majoring in engineering. so far i am making just fine… i am taking online college courses this semester and will probably do the same next semester… check to see if ur college offers online classes… the only time i have to go to the campus is to take a test,midterms n finals. if u have the will to make it u will find a way. PLEASE DONT get an abortion.*

        *keep me updated*


          It sounds like you are considering abourtion because you are scared. That is a normal feeling when you find something out that you weren’t prepared for. But you say that your husband is supportive and has even told people that you are pg. That is awesome!

          If he sometimes acts like "it’s your decision" and doesn’t seem to care either way, it’s probably because he is scared too. He might figure that if you were the one to make a decision, then he wouldn’t make the *wrong* one, ya know? But if he has already told people about it, I’d think it is safe to assume that he is excited.

          HAving an abortion would definately change things between the two of you. Maybe you wouldn’t see it for a while, but later on in life it would be bound to come back up. After the birth of more childern could be especially hard, for both of you.

          If the two of you were committed to each other before you got pregnant, then count that as a blessing.

          You will not loose your life by keeping the baby. But you will change. It’s ineviatble. But you can do it! You’re really close to finishing your education and so is he. That is really awesome. You will come to a point where you don’t recognize yourself anymore, but it’s a good thing. I agree. You should not have an abortion.


            I got married 3 months before i turned 18 ( 6 months ago ) and i think i may very well be pregnant too. I stopped taking Birth control 2 months ago and we have done it most all the time unprotected and now my period is one day late.
            I think you can do it. A girl never really knows for sure that shes ready to be a mother until it happens to you. I think that if you have an abortion you will regreat it and be sooo unhappy with your life. You will prob. find your-self wondering what he or she would have been like. Would he or she have look more like there daddy or there mommy or a little of both? It may be hard at times but it will be worth it ALL!!
            I hope I have helped in someway and if you need someone to talk to let me know, K?



              Sweetheart it could always be worse. You could be in 10th grade 16, have a 7 month old, no babys daddy, and have a job. Like me. But I love my life. I work go to school and have to be a mother and a father to my child and it’s the most amazing thing in the world. I still have a life. In all honesty, i have a better life. I love my son and I was told to get an abortion because no one supported me and I still went through with my pregnancy. You have support from your husband and your family, why would you even think about killing your child. It’s a blessing and God gave you this child for a reason. But whatever you choose, I hope its right for you. Good Luck


                Abortion is a tough decision and no one can make it for you. I was always swearing that I would have an abortion if I ever got pregnant, and here I am, in my second trimester happy as ever. I am still pro choice, but ask that you consider all options before you go through with it. also, make sure that it is your decision and you arn’t being pressured by anyone else.
                I know the issues with school, I graduated a year ago from my undergrad and am currently taking graduate classes. once the baby comes I know it will be 10 time harder, but I also know that the fact that it is the best chance for myself and my baby to not only survive but thrive will motivate me. ‘
                good luck

                princess Angela

                  Seriously…. I would say keep it but thats what i choose… The way i have looked at it is… I can do anything i set my mind to … baby or no baby…. At least i will have purpose to do it now…. i hate my job atm but force myself to go to work because it will help my baby…. I am 21weeks now and this baby pretty much has everything he will need already…..

                  You can do it !!!
                  Love angela


                    I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you should and should not do. The only thing I can do is offer my advice.

                    I had an abortion about a year and a half ago, and it destroyed me from the inside out. Physically, it’s the most severe pain you can ever be in, not to mention the entire procedure itself was the most demeaning thing I had ever gone thru. Mentally, I fell into a deep depression, sought solace in drugs, and attempted suicide numerous times. I rarely feel like myself, and even after a year and a half, still feel like a piece is missing from me.

                    I’m nineteen, a broke college student, unmarried.
                    You’re definitely going to be able to continue your education, and who knows? motherhood may teach you some things you can use in nursing! Look into daycare programs you college might offer, see if there are classes you can do over the internet from home.

                    But when It really comes down to it, it’s YOUR decision, not your husbands.

                    I hope you make the choice that is right for YOU.


                      I think for the sake of you and your hubbys relationship you can and need to have this baby. If he doesnt want you to do it dont. You have him there too. Family is more important than career.
                      Don’t go to ‘that’ place please.

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