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      Hi im Alice im 17 years old and very confused with my life well my body and mind. All of my life i have wanted children( very badly aswel) but i have always had the feeling i would never be able to get pregnant:S . For 2 years nearly 3 iv been having phantom pregnancies but just dont understand why. It gets me really down to know the fact that im not pregnant(but want to be) but im not, its just another phantom pregancy!
      I know im only young an have the rest of my life ahead of me for children but something keeps telling me to have one now( this i think might be to do with the phantom pregs). Some of my friends have had their children and im so jealous of them because i want the same. It kills me inside to think i havnt got a child of my own.
      Can someone please help me with this because its really getting me down all the time:dry: :unsure:


        Dont worrie huni, the baby will come when the time is right. . . They always seem to know lol, Ur lil mirical will come when you least expect it. . . . So jus enjoy the free time you have an keep tryin bu dont think about it so much. . .The more you think about it the more it hurts when it doesnt happen. . . If you arnt pregnant after another month say ‘ ok no luck this time ill just have to keep trying’. . . . Dont get your self down huni you WILL get your baby now or later but you will. . .Good luck xxxxx


          If you believe in God, you’ll probably understand when I say that you’ll get pregnant in His timing, not your own. Besides that, I believe you’ll look back at this time and be glad you didn’t get pregnant so young. Ask anyone here how difficult it can be and how having a baby limits your ability to enjoy your own childhood/teen years. I’m sure they consider their children blessings, but ones they wish had come just a bit later in their lives. There’s a reason folks do things in a certain order, i.e., school, job, marriage, then baby. With age comes wisdom.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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