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      I was just wondering if you could help me?

      I’ve always wanted children. I am 19, been with boyfriend for 6 years he is 21. I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis, I’ve had alot of problems that end anyway. I’m scared if I wait it will be too late.

      My partner is very supportive. We will be financially stable. I’m just worried that if I wait it will be too late. Even if there is only 2% chance I wont be able to in the future, I would rather not take the risk. I would never regret having a child now, but I would regret waiting.

      Is it too soon? How on earth do I know if I’d make a good mum? Is it silly even thinking about this at my age?

      I’ve read alot of your stories on here and think you are all incredibly brave.

      Sarah xx


        Hi Sarah. You are not being silly at all. These are all normal questions that will go through your head. I have no children but we are trying and all those questions are going through my head.lol. I wish I met my boyfriend years ago because we would probablly have about 10 kids by now lol:) That’s the way life goes. I lost a baby when I was 26. I was 7 weeks and 5 days and I am now 34. If I had not have miscarried well I would have a child but I would probablly still be with my ex. That was a very unhealthy relationship so things happen for a reason. The main thing is that you have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend and that you are happy. There is no right or wrong time just when you feel that you are ready. You will make an awesome mom I’m sure!! Good Luck to you and lotsa love:)


          its absolutly not crzy thinking about it at 19. i had my daughter when i was 19 and my son when i was 21..I say go for it..i think you would make a very good mother b/c your thinking of the health of a baby if you wuold get preg now..I have a beautiful 19 mos old daughter and a handsome 1 mos old son and i wouldnt trade them for anything..Good luck and keep me updated!:cheer:


            You should do what you think is right! I wouldn’t want to take that chance either! Talk to your boyfriend and see what he has to say about it!


              IF you CAN DO IT GO FOR IT.. I WOULD DO IT if i were you. I DECIDED TO get pregnant for some wrong but right reasons.. You will make a wonderful mom, your alreayd doing a good job at it… worrying lol… just dont worry too bad.. and go for it.. you seem ready so do it! and motherhood comes natural, you will do it good.


                I had a total hysterectomy due to endometriosis. I had my boys when I was 19 and 24 and have no regrets whatsoever other than that I didn’t have more children. I’m wanting to adopt now as a matter of fact… Good luck to you.

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