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      My names Katie and I’m 17 years old and in my close to the end of my Junior year. Last night I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I took another one in the morning, it was pretty much negative, though there was a hint of another line, but ntohing that was readable. My boyfriend and i have been together for a year, and I can’t really remember the last time we used a condom, and I know thats not an excuse. And no it’s not smart, and lately we’ve kind of hoped I would be. He’s "came" inside of me many times lately and i’m not sure if it’s just to soon to tell. Because my period doesn’t start until around the 17th of this month. So if someone could please give me advice i’d be really thankful.


        Well, I can say that having a child with a boyfriend rather than a husband is a lot less fun. I’ve been on both sides of that street before and truly, it is way better to have children with your husband. That being said, I suggest that you hold off on having sex with your bf for a while.

        Is there any other reason that you think that you may be pregnant? Any other symptoms? You are still early to test positive, but it can be. I know that when you start thinking about a baby it can get exciting and you can actually get your hopes up for one. But trust me. It is a much better trip with your husband.


          Hey Katelyn!
          It’s too early to test as yet; you have to at least wait until the 17th.
          I think seedsofhope has a good point though although I don’t want to say this and think that I’m judging you because I’m not. But being married is a much more stable place to be starting a family.


            thanks for the replies. I know that I should wait until about the 19th to test. I haven’t had much symptoms but we’ve had un-protected sex quit a bit. We’ve always talked about marriage but i don’t think my parents would like me getting married so young. Though we do have an apartment and he has a full time job. idk confused


              just don’t worry yuorself that is the most important thing right now

              I love me

                Hi I am in a simliar situation everything is the same except I am at the end of my soph. year. Me and my bf havent used a condom in a long time:( . And right now I may be pregnant but not due until 30th of this month. And lately we have actually been hoping I am. Its to soon to test so I will have to wait these next 2 weeks will be so long LOL!! Wrie and let me know your results (if u don’t mind)!!I just have this feeling that I am pregnant can’t wait to find out!!!!!:cheer:

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