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      Hi my name is Marissa and I am 16 years old and 11 weeks pregnant. I am on this forum because I’m having some major problems, when I first was 6 – 7 weeks I had some pains in my lower left side and then it stopped then it came back and I am 10 – 11 weeks it started back to the on and off sharp pains!!! I am very very scared. I have been looking up ectopic pregnancies and all these other horrible things!!! I have not ever had an ultrasound for my baby, but I suppose to go to the doctor on the 9th and I don’t want mu baby to die. I love my baby already cause it’s my first time being pregnant. Could somebody, anybody help me on what this pain may be.:(


        hey hun i really do not know what those pains would be i would just say that the nest time you go to see your doctor you make sure you tell him/her about them. dont warry too much untill you find out if something is really wrong because cramping is normal i have them all the time!! just like i said before i am here if you need me!! just let me know!!


          sounds like round ligament pain. there are ligaments attached to either sides of ur uterus that keep it suspended in ur stomach, and when ur pregnant and ur uterus starts to grow, the ligaments stretch and can cause a sharp shooting, stabbing pain in your sides. dont be worried, chances are everything is fine with your little one. just try to enjoy your pregnancy cuz it goes by soo fast. im already in my 38th week and it went by so quickly!!


            hey girl! dont just jump to the worst thoughts, though i know its hard not to. i had those pains too and i just wanted to die everytime i sneezed because it made it hurt sooo much worse. mine was just from my body making adjustments for even that tiny little teddy gram of a baby inside. your body is going to go through a lot of changes obviously and it could just be those starting early. so many girls have pains like this and it turns out to be nothing. so dont think the worst just get into a doctor. dont wait for your appointment if you dont feel comfortable!!! thats what they are there for- youre the one feeling your body and whats happening and they are around to answer questions and check out the things youre worried about. they can get you in a lot of times the day you call with a problem. best of luck babe and let me know how it turns out!!!!

            Kailey 17
            mommy to a new and beautiful baby girl.


              Hi..my name is Ashley..when I was around 10weeks I had the same pains..I went to my baby doctor and he said that its just something called pregnancy pains..its were your uterus muscles are stretching as it raises..you will continue to have these pains through out your pregnancy..im still having them and im 16weeks..but just in case you should go ahead and talk to you doctor or mid wife about it. Good Luck and I hope everything goes ok


                well every person who gets pregnant worries, but ive been there done that with those pains, wait for your ultra sound,and try not to get too stressed i heard that could cause a msiscarriage. the pains are normal though. if they get way way way too intense then go to the hospital, that happend to me once and they put me on bed rest, just to be safe, but i was showing no signs of a misscarriage.. my cervix was closed, they also drew blood, did an ultra sound and evryhting was normal.. i think getting your first ultrasound will help out..


                  Hey There

                  My name is Jennilee and i am from SA
                  So it sounds like this is your first baby you are having.
                  I am 24 weeks pregnant at the moment and i am huge lately i have also been having pains and little cramps here and there but i take it easy and breath.
                  WHen you need to worry is when you see blood and your baby doesnt kick or move for more than 3 days then you should know there is something wrong.

                  Sometimes the baby moves a lot and it hurts you or the baby lays on a nerve which is painful or even the baby could be laying on your bladder. See your baby is explorting its home so this stage he-she feels and kicks and lays in the wrong places which leaves us moms with pains.

                  I am going through the same as you are.
                  And at times the pains are so sore that i cry but i take it easy not for my sake but for the sake of my unborn baby.

                  Have fun with your pregnancy and make daily notes of what id happening to you body and what your bahy is doing. So when he-she arrives you can tell them all about there 9 month journey.

                  God Bless


                    When I was about 9 and a half weeks I was getting some really bad pains in my lower left side but i wasn’t bleeding so my school nurse called my dr. and they said it was ligament pains just from my ligaments stretching to make room for the baby and to just take tylonol and drink plenty of water! And not to worry unless I saw blood! So call your dr just to be sure but it does sound like what I was having! GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you are!

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