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        It is not ur boyfriends decision it is all up to you since u have the living life growing inside u yes it will be scary at first but it is something that will only get better with time if u do take my advice and keep the baby but ur bf wants nothing to do with u or the baby then u shouldnt want such a negative person around some guys just dont want to grow up and have responsibilities. im sure u can do just be strong!! πŸ˜‰


          the question is,what do you want to do…he obviously does not want to take responsibilty..Do you???this is a big step…think about your desiscion.good or bad,it is going to change your life forever.

          PS…you will remember

          wish you the best,
          Bill L.


            hey girl you should keep it no baby deserves to get killed i know deep down inside of you that you wont that baby so hear your heart you can do it i love you :kiss: :kiss: πŸ™ :kiss: πŸ™‚ :unsure: you now


              When it comes down to it, it is your decision. Weigh the good and the bad, think about your body and your future. What do you want – really, really want? This is a HUGE decision, involving human lives (yours and your boyfriend’s and your baby’s). Make it wisely. Think it through. Good luck. Email me if you need someone to talk to.


                Well… as for the abortion.. you are alittle late in your pregnancy and very few places will do the surgery this late.. I dont even think they do them after 20 weeks. Don’t let your Bf pressure you into doing something you know is wrong. Think with your heart. If you are sure you cannot raise a baby then consider adoption as a means to allow you to continue life as usual and allow your baby inside of you to live. Im 18 and about 16 weeks pregnant and I am sooo glad I decided against abortion. At first my boyfriend didn’t want to talk to me or believe I was pregnant but eventually he came around and we have decided to be a family and raise our child. Chances are your Bf is just as scared as you are and abortion seems like the easy way out. Trust me it’s not. When I was 16 I became pregnant also and I will be forever emotionally scarred by my choice to have an abortion. It was my worst mistake.. . playing God and selfishly taking a life and a gift God put inside of me. I have never been the same after that. I would never ever encourage abortion in any situation .. EVER.. if you have time one day go online and check out some pics of aborted babies.. especially this late in your pregnancy . I guarantee you it will change your life.. Most of all do what you know is right . As hard as it may seem now.. even with your Bf pressuring you .. it is ultimately up to you and nobody can force you into anything you dont wanna do.. I wish the best for you and hopefully your baby… God bless πŸ˜‰


                  Hi to all. I am a new member here. I am an 18 year old mother to 2 beautiful little boys. Trust me, it will all work out. The father of my oldest son didn’t want anything to do with us. And even offered to pay for my abortion. I refused and dropped him like the bad habit he was. I was 15 at the time, and i delivered a healthy 7 lb. boy 2 weeks before my 16th birthday. I met a man when my son was 11 months old and have been with him ever since. We had a child of our own and then got married. So, no matter what happens, it is your decision. If the father doesn’t want to be there for you and your child, it’s his loss. You will make the best decision for you and i wish you the best.




                    i just want to help you out a bit, but i am VERY against abortion. It is never the correct answer, it isn’t his or her fault he or she was brought into this world, it was you and the father’s. So you would be killing an innocent little bundle of joy that is developing at a rapid speed. You say you are 19 weeks pregnant, well, that is 4.75 MONTHS…and it only takes 9 MONTHS. You are pretty close to half way through your pregnancy!

                    So, especially since this baby is developed more, do yourself and the baby a favor, keep the child that is growing within you or give the baby up for adoption, to a couple that cannot naturally have children on there own for some reason or another…that way you won’t be killing the beautiful baby!

                    Need more help, do another post. You can do this! My friend had her baby when she was 17, I was also 17 and scared for her. She even had an abortion appointment. She freaked out and left. Now she has an almost 2 year old baby girl…that brings her joy everyday! πŸ™‚ Times are rough, but you can handle them. God doesn’t give you more than he thinks you can handle.

                    Hope this helps,


                      You should do what you want to do; not someone else. What do teenage boys know? You should try to speak with your parents or a counselor


                        hello i am Eve i think you should follow your heart. do u realli want to raise a child? there are other options like instead of killing that inesent child inside of you, you could give it up for an adoption to be with a loving family. dont worry everything will be fine. But before u have an abortion if you think to have it think about it first the baby inside of you doent deserve it. i will be here for you i could be a friend
                        bye πŸ™‚


                          Hey, What you are going through isnt an easy time. First off have you been to a doctor to make sure everything is okay with your baby? It is important to get medical treatment through out your pregnancy.
                          As for you decision making process. That is hard, ultimatly it is your decision and no one elses. If you want to keep your child than do it- dont let your baby’s dad make that decision for you. Ultimately it is impossible to know if he will be supportive or not. He is probably jsut as scared as confused as you are and to him abortion seems like the only way to make this "problem" better, however that might not be what is in his heart. You are the one that has to live with the decision you make for the rest of your life- it is a lot easier for a guy to get over an abortion than a girl.
                          I personally chose life and now I have a wonderful son. Im so glad that I kept my baby even though I am young and face hardships, it is all worth it to be able to see the smile on Ethan’s face. Im not with his dad but he does have to pay childsupport to help out with Ethan’s expenses. It is possible to have a baby and make it work. I was 16 when I got pregnant also.

                          Hope this helps! Cara

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                            well, if your heart saids no abortion, then i would just keep the baby..then spent the rest of your life wondering and regretting…. It shouldnt really be his choice…its his fault for getting you pregnant in the first place. Im 15 and pregnant, but my boyfriend doesnt believe in abortion so Im sortta good there. just do what your heart tells you.


                              Do what your heart tells you. I think if you do that you will choose life for your baby. An abortion is not an easy way out of a pregnancy. It is a decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You may feel fine right after, but a few weeks down the road you will begin to hate yourself for what you did. I was there two years ago and I still think about it everyday. I wonder about how beautiful that little girl would be and what she would be doing. I was only 7 weeks, but even then the baby is already forming. You said your about 19 weeks. In another month 1/2 if your child was born they would have a chance at survival. Dont let your boyfriend make you feel like it is the only route to take. You have so many options. And if you do feel like an abortin is something you need to do, before you go watch the film The Silent Scream. It is of an abortion preformed at 12 weeks, and it will open your eyes to what the baby goes through. I hope you make a decision you will be able to live with for the rest of your life. Best wishes to you.




                                Having an abortion can really mess with you emotionally. Remember this: Having a child is a huge responsibility and you will at least need his financial help. It is nice for a child to have a father, but children don’t need someone in their life that doesn’t want them. They aren’t toys. Dont forget that there are a lot of people out there who want children so bad, but can’t have their own. If you cant have this baby on your own (of course with support from your family, I hope), help one of those couples to live their life dreams. Good luck and I know you will make the right decision. You just need faith.


                                  I had an abortion about a year ago and I have had a really hard time dealing with my decision. I wanted to keep the baby, but the father (as well as my mom) pushed me into having the abortion and I cannot even put into words how much I regret it. If you have doubts about getting an abortion, then keep the baby. Don’t make the same mistake I did and let the opinions of others keep you from doing what you want. If you have any questions or need someone to talk to, feel free to drop me an e-mail.


                                    i have been there before and also expecting again.i kept my baby even tho everyone wanted me to have an abortion.i didnt.it hurt even to think of going to have one.they even tryed to place my baby for adoption at the hospital.the nurses came in and asked me if i still wanted to place my son for adoption.i asked them what do u mean.i never even wanted to.i have everything for my baby at home.my family didnt want me to have my son.i took my son home and took care of him and did what it took to take care of him.once i turn 18 i was gone and in my own apt with my bf.which now is my husband.we have been together for 12 yrs.to say he took my son in as his own child and loves him dearly.all i say is theres resources avalible to u and your baby if u want to keep him or her.i managed to raise my son.i basicly was on my own.my sons boi father left me at 4 months pregnant.doesnt want anything to do with him.also your baby is entitled to child support so he or she can have the things they need along with the medical care baby needs.good luck.hope u make the right choice for u and baby.god bless.

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