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      Help! i think im pregnat, im 16. don’t know how to tell my parents if i am. its been a lil more than a week. may be too early…. i gained a few pounds in the past days… im always tired, i have to go to the bathroom lots…im always hungry. i feel like im about to throw up when i lay down. i found blood earlier, barly any though…. i need help please!!!!!! please reply! i want the baby, but don’t know how to tell my parents especially since they wouldn’t approve of this guy. HELP ME PLEASE!



        If it has only been a week since you might have conceived, it is probably too early to be experiencing pregnancy symptoms. It is also probably too early to take a pregnancy test. I would wait until your period is due. If you are more than a week late I would take a pregnancy test to find out for sure. I’m glad to hear that if you are pregnant you will keep your baby. Try not to stress too much in the meantime. You could think about ways to approach your parents if the test turns out positive. They will probalby be upset at first, but I bet they will come around and be supportive of you. Good luck.



          Hey, i was two weeks late, then i got a normal period, but i have all the symptoms? I’m stressing, coz i don’t know if i’m pregnant or its just my body. please help!!!!!!!!


            I’m having all the same sypmtoms… I haven’t missed a period I’ve actually had extra ones. I had three in September and I bleed for one day this month… I wonder if I’m pregnant but I believe its to early for a test so I’m very confused. If I am I don’t know how I’ll tell my parents either. My dad doesnt approve of my boyfriend and my mom is all the time sayin that If i get pregnant she’s runnin away… Let me know when you find out. Good Luck


              hi, well first i think u need to calm down. im 15 and i just had a very lucky escape from a pregnancy scare. :woohoo: i had all these symptoms 2. plus a really tender chest. if u think ur pregnant, ur body stars 2 prepare 4 it. its evil but its the way it works. 👿 good luck.
              p.s DON’T TELL UR PARENTS UNTILL U KNOW 4 SURE. lol

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