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      My boyfriend Adam is going through some hard times he has drug induced psychosis and this is his 3rd time battling it..i have been there through every episode and beleive me its hard its just i feel so alone because i know he cant help what hes thinking at the moment. i have been helping him through it and i know he will get better i just hope he has lernt his lesson..but i just need someone to talk too, i have spent the past week doing everything for him and worrying about him and watching him so he doesnt hurt himself, its just i feel like screaming “what about me?” i feel so alone i dont get cuddles anymore and i dont get kisses anymore and i dont get told that im loved ( i know he cant help it right now but it still hurts me) and i feel like i cant say it to him and get him worried when he already has enough on his plate. i just feel like i am so selfish for even thinking all of this because he is dealing with alot and i wish i could take it all away, im sorry if i do sound selfish but its very very hard none of the doctors ask me how i am feeling or how i am coping they just wanna talk to Adam….i just want to break down and cry but i can only do it in the shower so that adam cant hear or see it cos he will get upset…does anyone have any advice on how to cope with this? or how to stop feeling this way?

      P.S i might be pregnant and im so worried that all of this stress on me will cause another misscarriage….and if that happened i dont know what i would do i think i would curl up into a ball and cry forever and ever

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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