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      Im 14 and I just lost my virginity on april 11 to my boyfriend but now I think Im pregnant and I have never been so scared in my life cuz I know how to take care of kids but I dont want a baby yet and I just dont know what to do!!!!


        Well girl, that is just something that you have to watch out for when you have sex. If you guys did not use protection than maybe you are. But you shouldnt worry too much about it, unless you took a test already. I would go and do that so you can be sure of what you are thinking…I can understand that you dont want a baby just yet, you have your whole life ahead of you…I am 14 too, and i am now almost 38 weeks pregnant and the happiest person alive! I would never go back and change anything… I just hope that if you are pregnant that you make the right decision…I wouldnt see abortion as an option at all, you cant be that cruel to kill your own child. So please think before you act!


          I bet you are freaked out!!! just take things one step at a time…wait until you miss your period (if you do) and then take a test….if you are not pregnant then I hope that this scare will cause you to remain abstinent until you are married and if you are pregnant well…make sure you tell your mom even if you think you will be in huge trouble….if she suggests abortion you need to stand up (in a respectful way) and take responsibility for your actions….you need to either keep this baby or give it up for adoption….I havent done the research yet but my dad told me that if a girl aborts her FIRST baby that she is way more likely to get breast cancer… there is an enzyme that is released during child birth that gives you more "immunity" to that kind of cancer…sometime today or tomorrow I plan on looking up the info and gettting all the facts right but you can check it out yourself…my dad said to go to google and type in "abortion breast cancer" and thousands of links will pop up…..I spent 10 yrs being sexually active, I had two kids from two dads, and I had a terrible hole in my heart that I thought could never be healed….when I was preg with my second I made the choice to not have sex again until I was married….I didnt….I have been married for 5 months now after 3 1/2 years of abstinence…it was the best decision for my body and for my emotions that I could have ever made….I just hope that you will make that choice alot sooner that I did and save yourself alot of things…pregnancy, STD’s, AIDS, heartbreak, rumors, feeling used, dissapointing your parents, losing your self worth…..I could go on and on…I hope this helped you….Meg


            Dont panic and tell someone that you really feel comfortable talking to. I told my best friend and her mother and they supported me, Yes, i did have my daughter at a young age but i know that i hav econsequences for my actions and now she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I urge you to find out if you are pregnant or not because you need to know as soon as possible so you can get the proper care. Dont think about you, think about the life that you may be carry inside of you. That’s what i did. I put all shame, fear, and doubts aside and went on and did what i had to. Now, i have a beautiful six month daughter who is the joy of my life, Alantae’ Promise Bradley.think about it and stay in touch with me!!


              did u use a condom? if so then u should have nothing to worry about…if not and he came in u then i’d worry but only if u miss a period….and not to sound mean or ne thing BUT if u aren’t preg then be smart and get ur self on birthcontrol!!!!


                Thanks I can talk to my best friend leah and her mama because if my mama freaks then I can stay at leahs. but leah is having the same problem and she is not going to take a test because she is scared of what it will say and now she has me thinking the same way and I know thats stupid but now my boyfriend is telling me that for the most part he wants me to be pregnant and idk what to do!!!!!


                  I could never had an abortion. so even though you are about to have your baby and you 14 you wouldnt change anything?


                    first i want you to take a deep breath and relax. the only thing you can do right now is wait. i know its hard and that you are scared but waiting is the only thing you can do. if you didnt use protection there is a chance you could be pregnant. so just wait for the period to come. if you miss it take a test. if you have no money for a test you need to tell your parent or gardian. good luck and it will all be ok just breath wait and then go from there. best wishes


                      first things first. you should take a test. and not just one. more than one. they can give the wrong reading. from personal experience, wait before having sex again. even with the best protection out there it is still possible to get pregnant. my four year old son is an example of that. i know that scared sick feeling. it sucks and incredibly scary. do yourself a favor and get tested. then you’ll know.

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