i dnt want to be pregnant too soon…HELP ME!

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      i need advice asap.

      i am 2 weeks delayed now.
      i had sex last sept 24, 2010.
      my boyfriend and i was so sure it was a protected sex. wen we did it, it was the last day of my period. but that period took long enuf. it was a 9 day period. i even stained the bed sheet after we had sex.

      i had all the signs of menstruation but now im delayed. 🙁
      pls help me. i hope God will not let me get pregnant this soon. im only 21.



          You may very well be pregnant. Like the other girl said just because you use protection doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. When I became pregnant I was shocked, I knew I was, tired to live in denial about it & had an abortion. So if you are, please don’t live in denial or have an abortion. It affects your life in a huge negative way! Living with regret that you murdered a part of you, your own baby & it’s really tough to forgive yourself & know that God can forgive you of such a thing. Thankfully I have been forgiven, forgave the guy (whom I didn’t know & will never see again) & myself but it took 4 years. Not only that it is wrong because we’re taking someone’s life. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you pay the consequences. Some people say it’s more of a burden to have the baby but it’s not, it’s a lot worse if you have an abortion. You’re not too young, I was 18 & thought I was too young but I was wrong. Really what is the perfect age to have a baby?? The answer is there isn’t. We can plan out our life all we want & it’s not gonna happen like we plan it out to be. So the thing is we’re selfish people & think about our plans, dreams, goals instead of other people & the unborn who did nothing wrong because we give into our temporary pleasures. So if you are, then please think about the baby, there’s plenty of help out there for you. I wish I would have known about the help out there & not rushed my decision instead I was wondering what everyone else thought about me. Also it really will do damage to your emotional, mental & physical health. I’ll be praying for your strength and good discernment. -Heather


            please dont panic yet! first thing to do is find out if you are truely pregnant.. then after you do that tell the Father, and from there find a support system! there are plenty out there even if your family or his family isnt apart of it! there are plenty of pregnancy resource centers out there.. here is the number they can find one in your area to help out. 1866 942 6466. dont hesitate to call them.. please dont end your babies life based on what you thought was a mistake.. your baby has a heartbeat right now if youre pregnant! which makes it even that much more exciting!! 🙂 ill be praying for you please keep us updated..


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