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      My abortion was a few months ago. I wa spressured by my mom. I suffered Hyperemesis G which comes with a lot of vomiting, pain, and dehydration. My mom said she wasnt going to ssupport me through the illness or keeping the baby. Scared for my life and my baby I gave in to her..

      Anyway after abortion my life changed. they said having a baby would ruin my life but actually doing something Im 100% against out of fear and losing my angel stopped my life completely…

      I am not in school right now. I was failing.. If only my angel was here I would be deeply in my books. She was my inspiration and they took her fom me.. I really blame myself because I should have been stronger through everything,but I wasnt. I was a coward.. Now I torture my myself. I self injured, tried to commit suicide, I cry so much my head hurts badly…I feel sick all the time.. im robbed of my young years.. Im 19 living like an elderly woman…
      I really want my life back and now Im trying to find peace, but I really wanted my baby and cant seem to find peace now. I have to say not being able to see your kid hurts like hell.. I wish I knew her hair color whether she’s all dark skinned like her daddy or brown skinned like her mommy… I wonder did she take my hair…or do she have daddy’s nose….All of this is heartbreaking. Abortion is a cowardly way out of responsibility. every kid deserves to live no matter wht.. I was even willing to give the baby up if that was the only way mom would let her survive. It was really my supose-to-be smart way of when I had the baby change my mind and keep her…but nothing worked..Now Im existing not living….


        hey hun,

        I recently found out I’m pregnant and I’m only 18 years old and not capable of looking after a child.

        My boyfriend is forcing me to go have an abortion, if I give birth to it then he says he’s not going to be with me anymore. I asked him what about the option of having it and giving it up for adoption? And he still disagrees and claims he would have nothing to do with me.

        I came across your story and I thought maybe you could help me? I’m scared shitless of getting a abortion and I don’t know what to do! I also would like to tell you that you’re very strong to go through with a abortion.


          As you can read from Armanismom’s post above you should not let someone pressure you into an abortion. Armanismom did and she regrets it every day of her life.

          Boyfriends pressure their girlfriends to have an abortion all the time – you are not alone. But after their girlfriend gets the abortion they take off. They promised they would stay if she got the abortion but really they just made the promise to get her to go what he wanted her to do.

          The woman is then left alone with no boyfriend and no baby. To get an abortion would be a great mistake. Just take it from Armanismom. She has been there. She knows what she is talking about. Don’t go down that same road.

          You know, this is your body and your choice. It’s not your boyfriends body. He is not the one who will have to live with the physical side effects and the emotional side effects.

          I only want the best for you and the best advice I can give is to listen to yourself – not your boyfriend. Listen to your baby. What do you think your baby would want you to do?

          Let me refer you to a local pregnancy resource center where you can get confidential help. There are people there that can support you though this. They also want the best for you. To find the pregnancy resource center that is nearest to you, just go to http://www.optionline.org, click on “find a center”, type in your zip code, and click “search”. Call the center that is closest to you and tell them what you told us. There are there to help you and it’s free. You are not alone.


            my parents and ex boyfriend pressured me into an abortion. well my parents gave me two options. keep it and leave, or get rid of it and stay.

            i chose to stay; that was three years ago. im 19 in college and im never truly happy. I know how you Armani and Dolly both feel. Its not easy, butlet me tell you, just make the choice that is right for you. dont be pressured into anything.

            because at the end of the day everyone who says they will be there through it, wont be there when you are aloneand crying, all confused because they can never truly understand how you feel.


              1.Take responsibility for your actions

              2.Talk about it

              3.Accept it

              4.Take control

              You may not be able to move on because I’m guessing you are feeling guilty about what you have done but now you cannot change it so you gotta try to move forward and make better choices in the future. You got to take control of you life or else you will be feeling like a doll on strings. Good Luck :unsure:

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