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      Today I’m ღ28 ωεεкşღ pregnant and for those who are still stuck behind the two choices I wanted to tell my story. When I found out I was preg I was 4 weeks along. My mom found out when I was 6 weeks along. Ever since she tried to pressure me to have an abortion. I was also 15 when I found out. I knew one thing she could not legally “force” me into having an abortion so I stood my ground. Every single day she told me what mistake I’m making how I am “f****ing stupid” etc… Everyday she tried to put me down and tell me how am I hurting the baby and my self. The thing is I knew I would hurt the baby more if I decide to tear it apart and throw it away like some garbage. I could not do it and I could never forgive myself if I did do it. I decided that no matter what happens I will stay to my decision. She found new ways to try to pressure me into it. She tried saying that she would kick me out if I did not get an abortion and she also said she would press charges against the baby’s father who is older than me. Funny thing was I knew with out my cooperation and without a DNA test she cannot do NOTHING. She actually did kick me out for a week then cried for me to come back. I cried almost every day because the stress was killing me. Well I decided to keep the baby. I found out its a boy and a very healthy one. Everyday I’m thankful for him even tho he was not planned. I do not regret my decisions and right now I’m 16 with As and Bs in school. I’m ღ28 ωεεкşღ along and I’m with the baby’s father and I’m doing great.Since I was 4months and I remind my mom how she made me feel she acts like it never happen I think she feels guilty but she will get over it. I’m just saying no matter how hard it gets do not give up because pressure and depression are not excuses to take a life. At least in my mind.


        [color=#FF0080]Your story is very touching, I myself am pregnant. Except my story is far different then yours. I got pregnant by my now husband at sixteen, shortly after turned seventeen and married my husband with the blessing of my mother and father, and they signed for it. I’m also having a baby boy. I’m 30 weeks, and four days pregnant. I’m so happy you never let anyone talk you into killing your baby, no woman can really be happy by that choice. Your a very strong young lady, and so many people should look at you like that. Good luck woth your baby, and school. I hope you will update about your baby boy.



          I’m actually living with him (he moved in) and hes helping me a lot… Its hard being preg at young age and taking care of the baby but defiately worth it. I’m glad I choose live and my baby boy is so cute he also looks like he is smiling in the latest ultrasound pic :laugh:


            Iswaggalicious, just out of curiosity, how old is your BF, I mean you are 15 and living with him, do you live with his parents? Does your mom know where you are at now that she has kicked you out?…Just wondering…


              18…Yea she knows she kicked me out for a week few months ago


                Do the two of you have any plans for marriage? Since your mom kicked you out would she go ahead and sign for you to be married? Does he have his own place? Do you have everything you need?…I just want to make sure that you are ok…did you two meet at school?…Love Meg


                  No hes my good friends cousin and he gratuated high school and is working and yea I think its too early to get married but if there was a threat that he can get in trouble we would since he’s helping me so much. Yes I do have everything I need =] ty


                    Don’t rush into things. It’s much safer that way. Marriage isn’t such a bad idea either, if you two are in love that is. I hope everything goes well.


                      Yea we are in love but I’m not really ready for marriage I’m way too young for THAT kind of commitment first off I want to give me and him some more time.


                        [i]Hiya.. I am 17 an i found out i was prego 2days ago but only 4weeks the doctor said and i have never felt so scared in my life. I have an on-off relationship with the dad and were off at the moment but he has kept in touch and has told me he’s there if i need some1 to talk to but he had also told me he wanted me to get an abortion. I had told him that is against everything i believe, i decided to tell my mum and dad yday and they were suprisingly realy suportive, my mum hugged me an the 1st thing she sed was “i dont want u to get rid of it” whereas my dad sed disagreed and wanted me to abort it. I just realy need some1 to talk to and help me with what to do cause i have major plans for my future/career and i have been excepted into college to start in september but am scared that having a baby will have an effect on my career and education, and if i opt for abortion i will suffer from depression.. which i suffer from anyway.

                        I hope you can help me and give me some advice.
                        Love Rachael[/i]


                          Hi Rachael,
                          Thanks for posting and telling us about your situation. I was really struck by your post. You have so much wisdom!!!!!! You should be proud of yourself. You are exactly right when you say that having an abortion can lead to depression. Most women after their abortions go through deep depression and it sometimes resurfaces each year on their due date or the date they had their abortion. If you already have depression, having an abortion does nothing but compound the problem.

                          We all want the best for you and the best advice I can give you is to continue with your pregnancy. Having a baby is hard – there is no doubt about that. But if you apply yourself and stick to it, you can still go to college and achieve your dreams.

                          The good news is that you have a supportive mother. I would talk with her more about this. I think she will be a great help to you.

                          Just remember that you have a wonderful little boy or girl inside of you. The best gift you can give to your child is the gift of life.

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