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      I’m Asia, I’m 7 mos pregnant and I cant decide what I want for my baby!!! I’m only 15 and I have my life ahead of me and I know I can be strong and keep my life on track with baby because I have a supportive ex and my whole family is behind me but I’m not sure what kind of life I can give my baby. It wouldnt be terrible but I have to still go to school and think about a job. I need to decide very very soon because I hid it even from myself for 7 months and I need to know what I’m gunna do so I can get to the doctor among things. Both options have their pros and cons but I can decide I really am torn any advice or help at all would really help me out.


        dea asia,
        i got pregnant when i was 15 as well. i had the baby a month before i turned 16. the baby’s father, my boyfriend of 3 years, and i decided to go through an agency to find an adoptive family for our daughter. we found an excellent family to raise our child and we still get to see her, not as often as we would like but still quite a bit. i think adoption was the best choice for us because we were soooo young and also we were not financially ready. i did not want my family to support me and a baby. although adoption is a great choice it was the hardest one for me to ever make. i still cry about it and want her back and i have major baby pains and want another, i know it was best for HER. this is what i think you should do…think of what would be best for your baby, because that matters more than what is best for you. i wish you the best of luck and please let me know what you decide.



          I would agree with Amanda that perhaps adoption would be the best decision for your baby and for you. If you haven’t been to the doctor yet and you are already seven months pregnant then I would get to the doctor ASAP to make sure that everything is progressing normally with the pregnancy for the baby and for you. How did your family react in finding out about the pregnancy so late in the game? Best Wishes.



            you can’t predict the future nor can i… i didn’t finish high school but i did start getting a g.e.d which was better than nothing.. noone knows what kind of life there child is goin to be like… all we know is we want them to have the best. being young and having a child is a tough thing to do.. i’m glad to hear you have support and trust me hun… it’s not as bad as it seems.. your hormones are out of wack and you feel like your out of control with all that surrounds you.. i am 18 and i am married to our childs father.. he’s in the military though and he’s only 19.. just remember where there is a will there is a way and tell yourself every morning before you wake up.. what didn’t kill me only made me stronger and just hope that all goes fine… it’s going to rough but hang in there girl.. you can do it


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