i can sooo relate doll – but i broke free

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      i hope you can realise this maybe when u see that life is not soo bad on your own and when you are ready again you can meet the MR RIGHT who will treat you like a princess.

      Most of your story so relates to my life but after 12 years with him i broke free. I still remain strong even after 1 and half years – and my kids are 6, 5, and 4!!!

      Trust me it was not by any means easy but when you have all the support behind you like friends and family then you can do anything. You need to realise what you want from life and think to yourself if he hasnt changed in this length of time – he will NEVER change. I know this sounds not what you wanna hear but it is soo true.

      If you want i can help you by telling you where to take your first steps – i know soo many people in this position and me now at 32 – i have the world in front of me and i swear i feel as free as a bird except i do have my wee babies which i love to death.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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