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      i am pregnant.. i am just 15 years old.. i dont know what to do now.. i need to abort this child anyhow..
      i dont know how this all works.. i dont even know the carges or the hospitals over here.. need moral support.. i am from india.. can anyone help me with this..? 🙁


        I’m so sorry that you are going through this. You sound so stressed out and scared. I’m sorry 🙁 I just want you to know that you will be able to get through this. I know it seems like your life is over, but it’s not. You are going to be ok.

        I’m not sure, but to me it doesn’t sound like you have considered all of your options for this pregnancy. It sounds like you might have just skipped straight to abortion. If you consider yourself to be pro-choice, I would like to encourage you to look at all of your choices and not just one choice. I know that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and make a quick decision, but you have to consider how you will feel about the decision that you are going to make now in the future.

        One of the worst things I have seen people do is make a quick decision for abortion and regret it later in life. I just don’t want to see you do that.

        Have you thought about parenting your child? Do you want to? Or are you too afraid to tell your parents that you are pregnant? A lot of women jump to abortion because they are afraid to tell others. Telling others is HARD, but it is worth it in the end. People may judge you or be angry with you for getting pregnant, but I wouldn’t consider abortion because other people might be mad.

        I can offer you a pregnancy resource center that can talk with you about all of your options and it is free and confidential. I highly recommend it. If you are in the US you can go here to find a pregnancy resource center that will help you: http://optionline.org/advantage.asp. If you are in the UK you can go to http://www.careconfidential.com and call their number that they have on their website.

        You will be able to get through this. Just take a deep breath.


          Hey there, I just wanted to pop in and say that QueenB has some really good advice and I agree that acting too quickly on your decision can lead to severe regret down the road, I see that you are from India and I know that the culture you live in over there is much different then where I am in the US…is that one of the reasons you are thinking of going for an abortion? Are you in fear for your life if your parents find out you are pregnant or have had sex? Also I know of some people over in India and if you send me a private email to meg@standupgirl.com I can see into connecting you with them and finding some local support…I know of a place in Rameswaram so I don’t know how close you are to them but I know they have help and resources available in other areas as well….they can help you and protect you if needed….abortion is permanent, fear of telling your parents is not….we are all here for you and I really want to touch base with you and see about getting you some help….please let me in on your situation a little better so I know best how to help you…Love Meg


            Hi Kelly,
            Please, whatever you do, dont murder that little life growing inside of you, you have been given a gift from above, and not all women are as lucky as you to have babies, i have been trying for a very long time, and still no luck, if you really want to, rather go through with the pregnancy, and send the baby to me, i will be more that willing to raise that newe life created,



              Well, You have me beat, girlie. I won’t be fifteen for another few months and have strong reasons to believe I’m pregnant. I haven’t taken a test yet, but I know and I will be proven rite when I take the test this weekend. Until I read your post, I thought I was nearly the youngest girl on here. But, I may be the youngest girl on here who plans to not only go through birth but I also plan to keep it. I don’t know your personal story, but from what I’m going through, if the Dad is still around, and you have your family then maybe, just maybe, you were meant to keep it. I don’t mean to be rude or anything like that. I just have to go with Chrisna on this. So many women out there, women who want children but can’t have them look at us and envy us because we really do have a gift. Creating a life is one thing, but really bringing it to life isn’t aborting it. Even if you can’t raise it, give that chance to someone who desperately wants to. I don’t have the back bone to give up my child, but it is an option and it’s just as good and even better than most options sometimes, too. I’m rambling. . . Good luck.


                i believe indian people have rich culture. and i think abortion wouldn’t look like somewhat rightful there in india. i am 15 will be 16 after 4 months and i’m 2 months pregnant. and yes, i’m scared to tell my parents. but i too don’t have the backbone to give up my child. for i believe god has better plans for us. he wouldn’t let us down. GOODLUCK!

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