I am pregnant

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      Hello girls,

      Just to let you all know i am pregnant!

      thanks for all your advice.



        Uhm, I’m not a girl but here I am anyway. B)

        I only have one piece of advice for you: talk to your parents as soon as you can, consult your pastor/priest/teacher, make sure the father knows what’s going on and most of all, take care of yourself and your baby.

        It may seem very difficult right now but you do have a choice: you can be miserable about having a baby or you can welcome this gift and miracle that you’ve been blessed with. Ironically, you can really find yourself and become who you really ought to be only once you go outside yourself and give your life to another. There is no one better to give your life to than your own child.

        Remember, women have a very distinct advantage over men: men (or guys. seems like there are very few men out there) have to earn the love and respect of their chidren. Women are loved by their children right from the get-go. You can only lose that love and respect. One sure way of doing that is if you hurt your baby especially when he/she is defenseless in your womb.

        You will be fine. In time you will be. My mother-in-law kept telling my wife (we weren’t married at the time, though) when she was about to give birth to our first born, "God will not give you anything that you cannot bear." That little boy is not 12 years old and has gone through a lot with his mother and myself. Everytime we have it tough, I remember what that woman said. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but now I do. Really, don’t be afraid. There’s always that strong little girl inside you. The only way you can lose if if you let yourslef lose. Forget abortion. That’s the surest way to lose big time.

        Take care of yourself and email me if you need to talk to me or to my wife.



          yayyyy congrats on your pregnan


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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