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      [color=#800080]Hey i am new here and thought i would introduce myself!!
      my name is heather and i am 16 years old and i am 37 weeks pregnant expecting a little boy (Aydin ELi)…i am due on April 20th by my u/s EDD
      and i am due on April 10th according to my LMP EDD…
      I went to the doctor last week and i was 1 cm dilated..i have been having pretty intense contractions pressure and cramping since then..i go back wednesday this week to have my cervix checked again but i dont think i will make it to that appt!! 🙂
      I have struggled this whole pregnancy with passing out and anemia and heart palpitations(causing the passing out). I have to be in a wheelchair at all times when out shopping..and sometimes i cant even go being in a wheelchair without having the feeling of passing out…
      I am currently homebound fro school and a teacher comes to the house!! i am making super good grades!! so the pregnancy hasnt effected my school work any!!!
      I was a cheerleader and was on Varsity and when they found out i was preggo they kicked me off the squad and wouldnt even let me stay on the team to at least support our school from the sidelines…i lost a bunch of my so-called friends but the real ones have stuck around…YAY!!lol
      I cannot wait to have and hold my baby boy in my arms..and when i do i know i will not ever let him go!!! i love him sooo much already!!!

      well anyways just wanted to say hi!!!B) [/color]


        😛 Good LUCK!!! MY baby is also due on 20 MAY 2007, but is too big and will be born on 10 May 2007! You are one brave star to have decided to keep your baby!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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