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      To all who read this, your babies are ment to be here for whatever the purpose you will soon to find out just keep living for them. I know it hurts to be left alone or to be critized for becoming a mom but it’s what we were made to do in the beginning. I love all young women, I can account that I almost fell for the abortion choice.Believe it or not many people can not have children so if you feel that you just absolutely can not cope or your family will not permite it there are other options such as adoptions. People would love to be nurturing parents to some baby that they are not futurnate enough to have on theier own. Now I look at my children and Thank GOD that I didn’t have the guts to do so. Now I just celebrated my 23rd birthday, Looking back when I was 16 and pregnant with my daughter, I laugh because I went through it. As a survivor and can tell other young ladies that you can make it with a baby whether it is finishing high school, college or being a single parent. God is the only person that can give you the inner strength to suceed with the help of organizations and people who answers God’s call to help the babies God had already prepared to come here all along. I am in the process as well in establishing a maternity home for teen girls that would like to finish high school, prepare for college and learn life skills and job training skills. It is only for girls but we do have mentoring and job training referrals for fathers as well in Dallas, TX. Feel free to email me [THROUGH MY PROFILE] or visit my website http://www.thegiftoflifefoundation.com


        Hello Im marisa and i am 14 and 5 months pregneat with my first child a little girl!!!!!! I am just wondering where your service is ofered at is it in Texas? Please e-mail me back at marrisa2556@yahoo.com Thank you and God bless!

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