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      I am 16 years old. I am also 8 months pregnant. My due date is October,10th! To be honest with you girls I was scared at first but then I thought about this life thats growing inside of me and right Then and there I knew that it was about time to stop acting like a child and grow up and leave my childish ways! I met this guy and he is 25 years old and he is currently my husband also. We got married through the courts system. As soon as I found out I was pregnant which, was January of this year, He was sooo excited and I was scared out of my mind!!! But as time went by and thought crossed my mind and I stop and was like… ” Wait a minute…This is MY Baby!!!” I’m not scared anymore. My mother was vary supportive because, she was also a vary young mother at 17… Alot of girls say that it won’t happen to them… Well I was one of those girls! And here I am 8 months pregnant! Honestly I am a vary happy person because, I have a husband that takes care of me and a family that supports me. I know alot of elderly people look apon young teen mothers and just think of the most horrible things about us when they find out where pregnant. But that does’nt bother me anymore. Because I’mbetter than that and when my son is born, Me and my husband are gonna raise himbetter than that. Because you can’t talk badly about anyone unless you have proof that their a bad person. You can’t judge a person by their face. Or the way a person dresses. You can only judge them by conversation! Thats why I know that I will dop a wonderful job at being a mother to my son! Thank you for you time in reading this. I hope you enjoyed and I hope to get alots of replies to this.


        Im glad to see you so exsighted abought you up comming arival!I going to speak from experance here.I got pregnant with my first son whin I was 17 my husband was 21 almost 22.We marred had two moore babys stayed marred for seven trublesome years and devorced.The devorce had absoultly nothing to do with love.I loved him dearly!The woman I grew up to be and the girl I was are two completly diffrent people as well his ideas of marrege and a wifes roll were very diffrent thain mine.In a marrege whin the cupple are of the ages you to are the gole is TO GROW TO GETHER and not appart on in diffrent directions .Start talking now abought what your exspections are what you think his roll of father and husband shuld consist of.Is it ok for him to go out with the guys after work for a cupple of beers?Or play pool tell 10:00 at night,does he need to call whin hes going to be late or can you depend on him being home at a certain time?How abought the money whos going to wright the rent check and buys the food whos going to mannage those house hold bills?Now how abought you roll as wife and mother what does he exspect?Are you going to get up with the baby at night or will the two of you take turns?How does he exspect his house to be cared fore?Do you have to ask before makeing a perchace or can you just spen ,money whin you feel you need something?Does he exspect you to cook all the meals?whos doing dishes?whos taken out the trash?Does he exspect you to get a job after babys born?Can you go to school? their are manny thing that the two of yo need to decuss on an on going basis in order to keep it to gether.The sadest thing that ever happened to me was looseing the love of my life and my merrage becouse we were playing house insted of working on a merrage.Im so happy to see your baby be one of the luck babys born in america today with a momie and a daddy it makes a world of diffrence that a child has two parents.I wish you all the Happyness and joy in the world God Bless you



          I am glad to hear that your baby’s father and now your husband has been there to support you and your baby together. You must be getting excited about getting close to having your baby.

          Incidentally, your situation seems a lot like a case in the courts here in my state (Nebraska). A 14 year old girl and her 22 year old boyfriend were married recently in Kansas with the support from both sets of families. The girl is pregnant and due soon (maybe she has already had the baby.) Although they are legally and happily married the attorney general wants to send the father to jail for statutory rape and prevent him from access to his wife and baby. It seems to me that the father is trying to take responsibility for his actions and that he does love his wife. Throwing him in jail and breaking apart the family will do more damage than good.

          At least you’re not having to face a situation like that! 9 years is quite an age difference. It may be difficult at times if you find yourself at different stages in life, but I have heard of cases where with true love it can work. Good luck and best wishes to the two (actually three) of you!


            hey i just read your letter and i wanted to say that im 17 and due nov 21 but my boyfriend is only 17 as well. sometimes i wish that he was older cause we are both seniors in highschool and he plays sports. its hard for him to juggle school work and practice. he barely has time to see me and im scared that he wont have time to see his kid. he is my everything andwe plan on getting married when i turn 18 cause neither of our parents will consent. we both plan on going to college which will only put more strain on our relationship. but i think its amazing that you guys are together and him and your family supports you. not many guys are willing to take care of their babies. so i wish you the best of luck and im really happy for you an your husband and your baby boy.

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